One more step to make your eye makeup more beautiful

Release time:2023-11-23 17:02

One more step to make your eye makeup more beautiful

Eyelash before one more step, eyelash change warping!

It is easy to rub the product on the eyelashes when applying foundation or wiping maintenance products, and the eyelashes may not only have cross-knot problems, but also the effect of applying mascara later. Therefore, it is recommended that you can comb your eyelashes with a spiral comb before curling your eyelashes, comb from top to bottom, comb out the dry powder, and then comb your eyelashes from bottom to top to comb them neatly.

More steps in front of the thrush, eyebrows smoother!

Many people feel that a lot of eyebrow comb, in fact, it is not! Use a spiral eyebrow comb before drawing eyebrows, you can comb the eyebrow line smoothly, will not mislead to draw the wrong height. In addition, eyebrows are usually painted after the base makeup, and combing can also help clean out the powder left in the eyebrows during the base, so as to prevent the eyebrows from getting stuck.

Draw eye head one more step to increase eye makeup freshness!

Dip the crystal diamond color to brighten the eyes, which can increase the freshness of the eye makeup and make the eyes look delicate. However, to remind everyone that it used to be the whole eye, but the eyelids of eastern girls are pressed down, and the upper eye will make the lower pressure more obvious, so the local eye can be lit up.

One more step after eye makeup, let the eyes light up!

Every time you finish your eye makeup, do you feel that your eyes are big, but they seem to have no god? As a final step, try dipping your belly into the lightest shade of glitter in your eyeshadow tray. Dab it on your arm and pat it into the middle of your eye, not beyond where the dark eye is. Open your eyes this way, your eyelids will not be black, and the glitter will flash out with the blink of an eye and stun your boyfriend!