What are the misunderstandings of women's plastic surgery

Release time:2023-11-22 16:30

What are the misunderstandings of women's plastic surgery

In some plastic surgery hospitals, most of the girls who come for plastic surgery are not ugly. For example, a girl who is not ugly or even beautiful complains that her "face is too wide, looks stupid, and has no sense of fashion" and insists that the doctor "whittle" her down. The doctor finally agreed to surgery to reduce the Angle of her jaw (this kind of surgery is very difficult and therefore very dangerous). In the face of these "beauty", experts engaged in beauty psychology research believe that the first thing to solve these "beauty" is not "too small breasts", "too wide jaw", but the psychological confusion and demanding of their own appearance. Therefore, experts suggest that the following kinds of mentality should not do cosmetic surgery:

1. Excessively high expectations for beauty.

Imagine a cosmetic surgeon who can change his or her form at will. In these people, some of them do have physical defects or deficiencies, and can be well improved after treatment, but these people will still be dissatisfied with the degree of improvement, and will pursue the imagined perfection. There are also some people who have no obvious defects or deficiencies, but the economic conditions are very superior, they want to spend money to make themselves more beautiful, these people have high requirements for beauty effects, slightly less ideal, will have opinions. Therefore, as a beauty seeker, we must learn to ask more why, listen to more objective and real advice, and do not blindly pursue beauty effects.

Second, beyond the average person's aesthetic sense, put forward some extraordinary requirements for a certain part of the human body or a certain organ.

For example, a young woman, seeing a picture of a girl with enlarged breasts hanging down to her abdomen, wants to make the same breasts. Do a good job of explaining to such people and persuading them to act in accordance with common sense.

Third, the self-pessimistic consciousness of beauty.

Such people have no obvious defects, and the average person does not notice anything, but they have a strong sense of self-pessimism, sigh at the mirror every day, and realize that a certain part is not good, and the more they see the heart is heavier. For such people's surgical requirements, it is best to explain and persuade more, and only adequate surgery can be done when necessary.

In fact, cosmetic surgery is only on the basis of the original to correct the local defects or deficiencies in people's appearance, it is impossible to achieve the degree of perfection and even transformation. Therefore, before cosmetic surgery, we must first adjust our own psychological state, so as to avoid unnecessary pain and trouble.