What are the differences between male plastic surgery and female plastic surgery

Release time:2023-11-22 16:31

What are the differences between male plastic surgery and female plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is an industry developed in response to the needs of women seeking beauty, but with the gradual understanding of plastic surgery and the continuous pursuit of beauty, many men have also joined the ranks of beauty seekers.

Although many men have a certain understanding of plastic surgery, there will always be a shadow of "plastic surgery is a woman's patent" in their consciousness, so they always linger outside the door of plastic surgery. Even after plastic surgery also embarrassed to say with friends, do a double eyelid also say because of trichiasis.

Plastic surgery experts have analyzed that many young people who have just entered the society and successful men in their careers want their appearance to be more outstanding and perfect. Plastic surgery is not a woman's patent, men have the same right to pursue beauty. No one is born perfect, if you want to be perfect, you need to be remedied the day after tomorrow, with the continuous progress of society, people's pursuit of beauty is becoming more and more intense, men want to have a handsome image is also a natural thing. Experts suggest that men should face up to plastic surgery without hiding it.

But there are some differences between male and female plastic surgery. Women's plastic surgery mainly focuses on the face, chest and body sculpting, while men's plastic surgery mainly focuses on wrinkle removal, nose augmentation, hair transplantation and sexual organ reconstruction.

Male plastic surgery has just begun, and many men, including some plastic surgeons, do not have enough knowledge of it, which may lead to some people having some "feminine" plastic surgery. For example, some boys feel that their mandibular Angle is too wide, and the face is a little big, so they go to the plastic surgery hospital to grind the mandibular Angle, and the result is to grind a melon seed face. Although the melon seed face looks very elegant, it lacks the masculinity of men. Therefore, men should choose plastic surgery to be both "brave" and "cautious".