What should I do if I have less forehead hair

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What should I do if I have less forehead hair

Everyone desires to have a beautiful head of hair, if the front hair is sparse, the whole person will not look very beautiful, that

What should I do if I have less hair on my forehead? How can I make my hair grow? The following is a small series for everyone to finish the forehead hair less should do

For reference only, hope to help you.

What should I do if I have less hair on my forehead

Everyone desires to have a beautiful head of hair, if the front hair is sparse, the whole person will not look very beautiful, that

What should I do if I have less hair on my forehead? How can I make my hair grow? Let's follow Xiaobian to see how to increase the amount of hair!

For patients with forehead hair loss, the great hope is to find effective treatment methods to stay away from the various troubles caused by hair loss

Complex confidence, many patients are very worried after the appearance of forehead hair loss, but do not know what to do, and even cheated,

Gradually lost confidence in treatment, then what about forehead hair loss? In fact, in life we can develop good habits to avoid pressure

Force too much, keep a positive attitude, and get rid of the trouble of forehead hair thinning as soon as possible.

In fact, too little hair on the forehead can be prevented, so we should maintain good habits in life!

In medicine, we usually refer to the phenomenon of less hair on both sides of the forehead as "M-pattern hair loss", which is a kind of hair loss, and the specific performance is the forehead

Areas with little hair on the sides of the head form a distinct M-shaped hair loss area. This is an awkward situation. M-type hair loss generally starts around the age of 20 to 30

Onset of disease, a strong genetic predisposition. Most patients begin with hair loss from the two frontal angles until the phenomenon of hair loss on both sides of the forehead is compared

Obviously, called M-shaped alopecia. Due to the strong secretion of androgens in the body, resulting in excessive oil secretion, it is often accompanied by seborrheic dermatitis, resulting

Dandruff, scalp itching and other symptoms, especially middle-aged men.

Less forehead hair method

In order to solve the problem of how to solve the forehead hair less, friends also tried various methods, such as applying ginger tablets, traditional Chinese medicine conditioning,

Oral drugs and so on, although the use of different drugs, the Angle of treatment is different, mainly because the forehead hair is less and the hairline is high, generally speaking

It is caused by hair loss, and another is congenital factors, so just through some common methods to improve the forehead hair is not able to

Achieved the desired effect.

So the forehead hair is too thin, in addition to the above methods, or what other methods?

Forehead hair less how to do

Low forehead hair and high hairline are human hair problems, and the best way to improve hair problems is to transplant hands with autologous hair

Surgery, the patient's own posterior occipital healthy hair follicles are extracted, and then transplanted to the implanted site, so that when the implanted hair follicles survive, it is

You can grow new hair, with all the attributes of the original hair, the growth is very natural, and permanent do not fall off, generally one year after surgery

See the final hair transplant effect, completely solve the problem of forehead hair.

Through the above introduction, how to do with less hair on the forehead, there is a good understanding, so after such a problem, it is also OK

According to the above methods, but it should be noted that after having such a problem, if it is very serious, it is also necessary to go to the hospital for examination, so that

Be able to understand the specific situation.

How to get more hair?

Hair transplantation is the simplest and most direct method of transplantation, and the most obvious method.

Choose hair implants! Human hair, like other tissues in the body, is transplantable. Hair transplantation is the process of using special equipment to remove hair

Part of the tissue around the sac is cut completely, removed from the scalp in situ, and then transplanted into the hair that needs to be prepared and ready to receive the hair

Condition the position called hair transplant.

In fact, after hair transplantation, the overall number of hair follicles does not change, but it can improve the local area, such as how the hair on the top of the head becomes more, the number of hair can be based on

The patient is asked to do a steaming hair transplant after extracting the tiny wounds formed by the implanted hair follicles, which will not form any scars for 6-9 months after the hair grows

Can't tell the difference between hair implants and hair already there!

Grow your hair! If you want to make more hair, you should adjust your diet according to the reasons for your hair scarcity, after the practice of the former people's Congress, there are mainly the following

The need to pay attention to nutrition:

Step 1 Take an iron supplement

People with frequent hair loss are often iron deficient. Iron-rich foods are soybeans, rice, eggs, hairtail, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, carp

Fish, bananas, carrots, potatoes, etc.

2. Supplement with plant protein

Dry hair, hair tips split, you can eat more soybeans, sesame corn and other foods.

3. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits that contain alkaline substances

One of the factors of hair loss and hair yellowing - is due to the presence of acid toxins in the blood, due to physical and mental excessive fatigue, long-term overconsumption of pure sugar

Class and fatty foods make the body produce acid toxins in the metabolic process. Acidic substances in liver, meat, Onions and other foods are easy to cause blood

Too much acid toxin, so eat less.

4. Take iodine supplements

The luster of the hair is related to the role of the thyroid, and iodine supplementation can enhance the secretory function of the thyroid, which is conducive to hair fitness. Can eat more kelp,

Seaweed, oysters and other food.

5. Take vitamin E supplements

Vitamin E can resist hair aging, promote cell division, and make hair grow. Can eat more fresh lettuce cabbage sesame and so on.

How to care for hair?

1, frequent combing method

Remember to comb the hair every day for a long time, because combing the hair can promote the blood circulation of the head, but also can enhance the scalp fine tire

The vitality can make the hair achieve the function of rapid growth, it is best to comb the hair with a wood comb oh, do not use a nylon comb, nylon Yang

The child is easy to produce static electricity, which will bring bad stimulation to the scalp.

2. Wash your hair with rice water

Washing hair with rice washing water is also said to make hair grow faster, and Dai women use this method. Leave the water after washing rice every day,

Add the right amount of hot water, the temperature can be adjusted, long-term use can promote the growth of hair.

3. Keep good eating habits

The main component of hair is keratin, which contains a variety of amino acids and dozens of trace elements. If iron and protein are deficient, hair will turn yellow and split


When vegetable oil, vitamin A, protein and iodine are deficient, hair will become dry, dull and easily broken. Fat occurs when vitamin B groups are deficient

Leaky dermatitis and hair loss, so take more protein.

4. Beer hair care

Wash and dry your hair, then evenly apply 1/8 of the entire bottle of beer to your hair, and do some hand massage to allow the beer to penetrate your hair roots


After 15 minutes, rinse your hair with water and smooth it with a wooden comb or a horn comb. The nutrients in beer are effective in preventing dry hair

Shedding has a good therapeutic effect and can make hair shine.

Conclusion: If the hair is too scarce, it is very upsetting, especially the hair on the forehead is too scarce, then the hair is scarce

What to do? How can we increase our hair volume? Everyone read the introduction of the above small series have some understanding of it! I hope the introduction of Xiaobian can

Help everyone!

What should I do if I have less forehead hair

Under normal circumstances, the hair scarcity above the forehead may be caused by genetic, mental stress, improper diet and other factors, and patients can pass

Over hair transplant, diet adjustment, drug treatment and other ways to improve. The details are as follows:

1. Heredity: If the parents' hair is sparse, under the influence of genetic factors, the good girl's hair may also be thinner. Patients can

Under the guidance of a doctor, hair transplants can improve the condition.

2. Improper diet: long-term bias to eat too spicy, stimulating food, such as barbecue, malatang and other food, may bow | hair loss phenomenon,

Causing the patient's hair to thin. It is recommended that patients usually try to maintain a light diet, avoid eating too spicy, stimulating food, eat more fresh

Vegetables and fruits.

3. Excessive mental pressure: long-term excessive anxiety and panic and other mental pressure in the mood, may lead to endocrine loss of patients

Tune, and then cause hair loss phenomenon. In the long run, this may lead to thinning of the hair at the patient's hairline. Patients are advised to relax, Bao

Stay cheerful and avoid worrying too much. Usually can properly develop interests and hobbies, divert attention. If necessary, it can be used as directed by a doctor

Modified Xiaoyao Pill, QizhiXiangfu pill and other drugs to adjust the endocrine, to improve hair loss phenomenon.

In addition to the above common causes, there may be other causes, such as seborrheic alopecia, cancer chemotherapy. Patients are advised to go to the regular in time

Hospital for treatment.