Baby belly turns into watermelon? Why do some people get stretch marks and others don't?

Release time:2023-11-11 11:31

Baby belly turns into watermelon? Why do some people get stretch marks and others don't?

Summary: Stretch marks seem to be "selective", some people long, some people are not long. So, what exactly are stretch marks? Why do some people grow up and others don't? How can people prevent and eliminate stretch marks? Many expectant mothers develop stretch marks during pregnancy. The swelling of the stomach grows strange shaped lines, which adds a lot of troubles to women who love beauty. However, stretch marks seem to be selective, and some people will get them and some won't. So, what exactly are stretch marks? Why do some people grow up and others don't? How can people prevent and eliminate stretch marks?

As for the causes of stretch marks, the human abdomen has many layers from the outside to the inside. Under normal circumstances, the elastic fibers of the skin and rectus abdominis muscle maintain a certain elasticity and can be freely contracted within a certain limit. Women are pregnant for more than 3 months, as the fetus grows, the uterus protrudes from the pelvic cavity, develops to the abdominal cavity, and the abdomen begins to swell. Affected by the enlarged uterus, the elastic fibers of the skin and abdominal muscles begin to stretch. This is especially true after six months of pregnancy. When it exceeds a certain limit, the elastic fibers of the skin will be broken, and the rectus abdominis tendon will have different degrees of separation. As a result, the abdominal skin of pregnant women appeared pink or purple, irregular longitudinal cracks. Although the broken elastic fiber is gradually repaired after childbirth, it is difficult to restore to the original state, and the original cracks on the skin gradually fade and finally become silver-white, that is, stretch marks.

Some pregnant women will have stretch marks, some will not, the reason is more complex, mainly depends on the following five factors:

1. Inheritance. "Qianjiang Evening News" pointed out that because each person's skin self-repair ability is different, to a large extent depends on genetics, so in reality we will see some mothers do not have stretch marks, daughters do not; Some people have stretch marks with their mothers or, like my sisters, have smooth bellies after giving birth.

2. Pregnancy weight gain rate. According to Xi 'an Evening News, stretch marks are caused by excessive abdominal bulge and rapid skin cracking.

3. Skin elasticity and moisture content. Xi 'an Evening News explains that the body needs nutrition, and so does the skin. General dry skin of the mother-to-be, because the skin dry water shortage, natural lack of elasticity, easy to be torn by the belly. Women who do not have dry skin and often eat protein-rich foods, the elasticity of the skin can resist the pull of the abdomen, and naturally do not have stretch marks.

4. Age. Qianjiang Evening News pointed out that the metabolism and repair ability of the skin of pregnant women over 35 years old is usually not as good as that of pregnant women in their 20s, which is a natural law.

5. Number of pregnancies. Qianjiang Evening News suggested that women with multiple births are more likely to have stretch marks because their skin has been stretched many times.

For pregnant women who want to maintain a smooth teenage belly and stay away from stretch marks, you can follow these 3 tips:

1, balanced diet: eat more food rich in high-quality protein before pregnancy to enhance skin elasticity; During pregnancy, you should supplement rich vitamins and minerals, and you can also eat more protein-rich foods. At the same time, avoid foods that are too greasy, too sweet, and too salty.

2, control weight gain: pregnancy weight increase does not exceed 2 kg per month, the whole pregnancy control at 1114 kg.

3, moderate massage every day: Use abdominal skin care products, which can be oily or paste products specifically for stretch marks, or olive oil. Apply it every day and massage it moderately to increase the ductility of the abdomen skin.

If stretch marks have appeared, pregnant women can properly use vitamin E under the guidance of a doctor, which can repair the elastic fibers of the damaged skin to a certain extent; In addition, the laser can also dilute stretch marks, making the width of stretch marks significantly change. Narrow.