Various Safety Risks Exist in Wig Products

Release time:2023-08-09 15:24

Various Safety Risks Exist in Wig Products

"Due to the fact that most wig manufacturers do not adhere to national standards, there are certain safety hazards associated with their quality." To prevent potential harm, in line with the risk monitoring requirement of "early detection, early warning, and early response," the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has conducted quality and safety risk monitoring on wig products. Multiple safety risks have been identified in these products, prompting a cautious approach from consumers.

Wigs are artificial synthetic hair products that can be categorized based on their functionality, including full wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions, and accessories. They can also be categorized by material, such as human hair products, synthetic fiber products, and blends of human hair and synthetic fiber. According to risk monitoring, potential unsafe factors associated with wig products include: formaldehyde content, pH value, heavy metals, water and sweat resistance, color fastness, and warning labels.

Formaldehyde and pH Value Risks: Manufacturers may use subpar dyes or fail to properly clean wig products before finalizing their shape due to cost-saving measures or substandard production processes. This can lead to excessive formaldehyde content and pH levels, which may cause discomfort to wearers' respiratory systems or trigger skin allergies.

Heavy Metal Risk: Heavy metals (such as arsenic, lead, and mercury) present in the dyes used to color wig hair strands may migrate into the body through sweat. Accumulation of heavy metals in the body can lead to health issues.

Water and Sweat Resistance, Color Fastness Risk: If the water and sweat resistance as well as color fastness do not meet standards, the wig may discolor due to sweat or rain during use. This can lead to staining of clothes and skin. Severe discoloration may cause skin allergies or other discomfort.

Manufacturing and Warning Label Risk: Many wigs on the market lack proper labeling and information. Consumers may have difficulty obtaining correct usage and care instructions, potentially leading to incidents of harm.

The Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau advises consumers to "Avoid Two and Be Cautious One": Opt for purchases through reputable channels and avoid products without brands, material information, specifications, manufacturer details, or care instructions. Examine product characteristics carefully and avoid purchasing wigs with inconsistent hair thickness, odor, discoloration, or hair loss.

During use, consumers should "Wash One and Cease Two": Before using newly purchased wig products, soak and dry them in clean water or neutral detergent, or undergo professional cleaning and care before wearing. This helps reduce the harm of harmful substances to the body. After regular use, perform routine cleaning and care and maintain a well-ventilated and dry storage space. If mold or odor is detected, discontinue use promptly. If discomfort occurs after wearing, stop use immediately and seek medical attention as needed.