How to Wash Wig to Keep It Smooth - 6 Methods

Release time:2023-08-04 15:59

How to Wash Wig to Keep It Smooth - 6 Methods

Do you know how to wash and care for your wig? Many ladies love wearing wigs because they offer different styles. However, improper care can cause them to lose their shine and become less appealing. By mastering the correct washing and brushing methods, you can effectively maintain your wig. Let's share some wig care tips to help all the beauty enthusiasts.

Preparing the Wig for Washing

Before washing your wig, it's best to gently comb it to make it smoother. Use a specialized wig comb (avoid using plastic combs to prevent hair breakage) and comb gently from top to bottom. This helps remove dirt and dust, ensuring cleanliness.

Appropriate Water Temperature

The water temperature for washing the wig matters as well. Avoid using hot water; lukewarm water (around 20 degrees Celsius) or cold water is more suitable. For better wig care, dissolve some slightly acidic hair care products in the water.

Soaking and Cleaning the Wig

Let the wig soak in water for about 10 minutes to achieve optimal cleaning results. Then, gently rinse it by hand, using a small amount of shampoo and conditioner for a perfect wash.

Drying the Wig

After washing, gently shake off excess water from the wig and use a clean, soft towel to dry it further. Avoid using a blow dryer or high-temperature air (except for cool air) on freshly washed wigs to prevent hair breakage. Lastly, place the wig in a cool, well-ventilated area to avoid damage from direct sunlight or high temperatures.

Avoid Brushing Immediately After Washing

Some may make the mistake of brushing the wig immediately after washing. However, doing so can cause unintentional damage to the wig. It's best to wait until it's completely dry before styling.

Caring for Damaged Wigs

If your wig experiences split ends, damage, dryness, or tangling (avoid pulling forcefully to prevent hair breakage), you can spray a specialized wig care product onto it and gently comb it to improve the condition. However, excessive washing and combing should be avoided, as they can cause significant damage to the wig.