How Much Does a Regular Wig Cost?

Release time:2023-08-02 15:43

How Much Does a Regular Wig Cost?

Many netizens are curious about the difference between wigs that cost a few hundred yuan and custom-made wigs that cost several thousand yuan. First of all, "wig" is a general term that includes various types and styles, such as wig caps, hairpieces, partial hair blocks, synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, and so on. Naturally, different types of wigs come with different price tags.

One of the cheapest types of wigs is machine-made synthetic wigs, which generally range from 60 to 100 yuan. The more expensive ones may cost a couple of hundred yuan. While these wigs are affordable, they tend to have an excessive amount of hair and look very artificial. The coarse and uncomfortable net base can also lead to deformation and frizziness after being worn a few times.

Material and craftsmanship are the two key factors that determine the quality of a wig. For around five to six hundred yuan, you might find wigs made from real human hair, but they often use hair with lower quality. These wigs typically feature a mix of different hair qualities and colors, similar to the hair collected after people get their hair cut.

Wigs made from this type of hair often have inconsistent quality and color, damaged cuticles, and appear dull and frizzy. They are more prone to damage and are not as good as high-quality synthetic wigs.

If you require long-term wear due to hair loss or baldness, it is advisable to invest in high-quality custom-made wigs. These wigs are more commonly used nowadays, as they are tailored to fill key areas seamlessly and provide a more natural appearance, almost indistinguishable from one's own hair.

The best material for making wigs is untreated virgin hair from the same person's ponytail. This type of hair has consistent quality and color, intact cuticles, is smooth, flexible, and has a natural shine. However, high-quality virgin hair is rare and therefore comes with a higher price tag.

The difference between wigs that cost a few hundred yuan and custom-made wigs that cost several thousand yuan lies in the quality and craftsmanship. Ordinary wig caps may be available for a few hundred yuan, while custom-made wigs generally start at over a thousand yuan.

Custom-made wigs not only use high-quality and scarce virgin hair but also require skilled artisans to hand-hook and weave each strand, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It takes about a month to create one wig. Therefore, can you expect to find a good wig for less than a thousand yuan?