How to make a bang with wigs

Release time:2023-07-15 09:21

How to make a bang with wigs


You can simply put the wig on your head and trim it, adjusting it according to the proportion of your face, so that the effect can be seen more visually during the trimming process. In order for your bangs to fit your head better, you need to fit the wig completely over your head. Wear the wig from back to front, making sure that the front of the wig naturally fits your hairline. Improper positioning can result in too long or too short bangs.

You can also place the wig on the model's head for trimming, but it is important to note that the wig still needs to be fitted to the model's head by keeping the forehead of the wig in line with the model's hairline and securing it with T-pins. Also note that the model's head is relatively small compared to the human head, you can put the wig on your head first, and then use bobby pins or other objects to mark where you want your bangs trimmed.

2.Comb Hair

Before you trim your bangs, you need to comb your hair. In cases where the wig is rough or even knotted, you can spray some water on the wig and then comb it from top to bottom with a hot comb. This will make your wig easier to comb and make it look more natural. Combing your hair from front to back after it looks flat, similar to a ponytail, which will loosen the hairline and make it easier to create bangs.

3.Split the Bangs

After you've finished brushing your hair, use the tip of a rat-tail comb to remove the part of your hair you want to trim your bangs into a triangular shape. If you can't control the thickness of your bangs, try to separate them in small numbers. The amount of hair you part determines the thickness of your bangs, which you can adjust according to your own needs. If you want a thin layer of air bangs, you can use a rat-tail comb to part out less hair, and if you want to have thicker bangs, you can use a rat-tail comb to part out more hair.

After separating out the part of the hair that is used to create the bangs, you can use a hot comb to comb the bangs or fringes of hair part from top to bottom to make the bangs more supple. Finally,tie up the remaining hair with a Bobby Pin or headband, like a ponytail, to prevent the process of trimming the bangs in the wrong cut to other hair.

4.Clip Bangs

Bangs are longer because they come from the back of your hair. You can start by using scissors to trim the front part of your bangs horizontally, about the distance below your eyelids. Comb bangs part wig afresh with comb at this moment, avoid bangs are not neat. Then twist the fringe part of the wig into a small strand and trim it vertically with scissors, each time building as small as possible to avoid making irreparable mistakes. Be sure to comb it with a comb every few trims to see if it has reached the desired position.

In addition, it is recommended not to trim the wig in the wet state, because the wet state will make the wig appear longer, and when it is finished, the wig will shorten in the dry state, and the wet state will easily lead to the error of trimming too much.

5.Create Bangs

After completing the previous series of steps, you can get an ideal length of bangs. You can then use a curling iron to create the look you want, depending on your preferences. If you want your bangs to be curling, you are better to heat up the curling iron and curl the part of the bangs you want to get a natural and beautiful bangs. If you find the front of your bangs uneven, you can also straighten them with a hot splint.

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