Four ways to lose weight during confinement

Release time:2023-11-11 11:38

Four ways to lose weight during confinement

In general, the weight gained during pregnancy is around 12 kg. Then how the 12 pounds of weight disappeared from the body has become the focus of attention of new mothers. Now let's calculate that the weight of the baby plus the placenta is about 5.5 kilograms, and there are 6.5 kilograms, of which water accounts for more than 60%.

That is to say, the water produced by various factors during pregnancy must be slowly discharged after childbirth. Therefore, if you eat foods that are too salty or contain condiments such as soy sauce, vinegar, and ketchup during confinement, or eat preserved foods or canned foods, the water in the body will be retained, and it will not be easy to excrete, and the weight will be naturally reduced. Decrease.

That's why it's best for mothers to drink as little water as possible during the first week after giving birth. If you can't achieve the goal of "reducing water and reducing swelling" in the critical first week, but drinking water without concern will have a negative impact on metabolism, then the next 3 weeks will be very difficult to lose weight.

Implement phased complementary food. The main goal of the first week after childbirth is to "reduce water and reduce swelling", so that lochia can be discharged, so it must not be supplemented by special supplements. The correct tonic concept is: first expel lochia, then replenish qi and blood. The more lochia you have, the less you can replenish it.

We should also grasp the concept of phased replenishment. In short, the first 2 weeks, due to lochia unclean, should not be supplemented. Your diet should focus on boosting your metabolism and getting rid of excess water from your body. For example, the first week to "sesame pig liver" as the staple food, to help the uterus to discharge lochia and other waste; In the second week, "sesame oil tonifying kidney" was used to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis to prevent low back pain. Wait until the third week, the fourth week after the lochia dissipated, you can start to eat "sesame oil chicken" to replenish blood and regulate qi. Some mothers don't have the heart to refuse an expression of love from their families. They eat chicken with sesame oil as soon as they deliver. From the first day of confinement to the last day, no wonder not fat!

In addition, the diet should be light, less salt, avoid greasy, eat while hot, eat slowly, refuse snacks, etc., if you can abide by these principles, you will not be at risk of gaining weight during pregnancy. Confinement is the best of both worlds.

Use the belly belt, timely exercise and beautiful mothers should pay attention to, postpartum must tie the belly belt, it is best to take it even when sleeping. This is not only conducive to the recovery of the body, but also to prevent internal sagging and skin relaxation, eliminating stretch marks. However, you must use a tummy tuck that is actually produced for pregnant women. It is a long band that can be freely tied to the abdomen and wrapped around the curve of the body from the bottom up, allowing the drooping abdomen to be fully lifted, supported and shaped.

In addition, although pregnant women should avoid childbirth, they should still exercise moderately to eliminate the fat on the waist and hips and restore elasticity.

In general, 14 days after delivery, you can start to contract the abdominal muscles, sit-ups and other exercises. Moms who like aerobic dancing have to wait six weeks before they can start again. In short, postpartum exercise to persevere, the effect will be surprisingly good.

Little by little, the body of a breastfeeding mother uses up the fat tissue stored during pregnancy to produce milk. Making milk consumes about 2,092-3,347.2 joules (500-800 calories) per day, which is 62,760-10,0416 joules (15,000-24,000 calories) more than non-breastfeeding mothers after a month, and if converted to fat, that's nearly 2 pounds!

Therefore, many medical studies have proven that mothers who breastfeed themselves can regain their figure earlier and reduce the incidence of breast and ovarian cancer.

These four key points can help new mothers get back in shape in just 30 days, lighter than before, and return to work with a fresh attitude! Of course, do not gain too much weight during pregnancy, and it is easier to lose weight after childbirth