How to improve oily skin in winter? Here are 5 tips to help

Release time:2023-11-10 17:09

How to improve oily skin in winter? Here are 5 tips to help

Every beauty lover wants their skin to be smooth and smooth, with no pores to see. But when winter comes, the skin will be exposed to the outside, and if you can't take good care of it, it may worsen the condition of the skin. Especially oily skin, if not well cared for, it is easy to lead to acne, blackheads, very affect the appearance of beauty, here is a look at how to improve oily skin in winter!

So, how to improve oily skin in winter?

First, massage the skin often

Every morning, you can massage the skin more, and do a few minutes of facial massage before going to bed in the evening, which can inhibit the excess sebaceous gland activity and reduce the secretion of oil.

Second, homemade mask on the face

Prepare the materials for kaolin, a little benzoin, a little flour, egg white, and then add these materials into warm water and mix to make a paste, then apply on the face for about half an hour, then wash with clean water, dry with a soft towel, and then apply the toner, pay attention to the face after a few hours without makeup, once or twice a week can improve the condition of oily skin.

Third, daily to control the diet

Usually eat less spicy, greasy and high-fat food, because this kind of food will increase the secretion of oil, and then feel that your skin is secreting more oil all day, so you must control the intake of this kind of food. In addition, people with oily skin should pay attention not to overeat and eat less irritating foods such as seafood. If you can't control your mouth, you can wash your face more after a big meal to eliminate more oil. You can also eat more protein foods and a small amount of B vitamins, and eat less foods with high sugar content.

Fourth, choose the right cleaning supplies

Oily skin is mainly due to lack of water, soaps and cleaners are relatively easy to cause skin water loss, so be sure to wash your face with facial cleanser. To use less foaming cleansers, it is best to choose mild cleansers that are suitable for oily skin. In addition, the facial cleanser is best mixed, you can prepare two facial cleansers at the same time.

Fifth, master the correct way to wipe the face

In fact, the best way to wipe your face is not to wipe it, but to let it air dry naturally, but some people feel uncomfortable, some people can't stand it. So, for a slightly healthier way to wipe your face, hold down your face with a towel and let the towel absorb water. Of course, do not press too hard, most people use a towel to wipe the face, which will irritate the skin, thus blocking the pores.

In short, the right amount of oil can make the skin healthier, but if there is too much oil, it will cause a lot of skin problems. There are many reasons for excessive secretion of oil on the face skin, such as clogged pores and lack of water on the skin, which will cause oil. As long as the above methods are used, the oil can be properly controlled.