Dealing with Breast Sagging During Breastfeeding and Restoring Your Breasts

Release time:2023-10-23 14:01

Dealing with Breast Sagging During Breastfeeding and Restoring Your Breasts_hair milos forman 

Will breastfeeding cause breast sagging? Will your breasts become eggplants or small pouches? Many breastfeeding moms often worry about strange changes in their breasts due to nursing. In reality, from pregnancy to breastfeeding and weaning, breasts go through a roller-coaster of changes, and some of these changes are perfectly normal. However, with proper care during the breastfeeding period, your breasts will gradually return to their pre-breastfeeding state. In this article, the editor from Love Baby Parenting website will discuss how to address breast sagging during breastfeeding and restore your breasts to their pre-nursing appearance.

Dealing with Breast Sagging During Breastfeeding and Restoring Your Breasts

Make the Most of Breast Pumps

Breast pumps aren't just for helping mothers with milk production; they can also assist in breast care. After each nursing session, it's essential to use a breast pump to extract any remaining milk. This helps prevent differences in milk storage between breasts, which can lead to breast asymmetry.

Wear a Bra Consistently

Starting from pregnancy, it's crucial to wear a bra consistently. Not wearing a bra, especially as your breast size increases during pregnancy, can lead to noticeable breast sagging.

Wearing a bra provides support and uplift to your breasts, promotes proper blood circulation in the breasts, which aids milk production and enhances the breast's immunity. Additionally, it protects the nipples from chafing and discomfort. Comfortable nursing bras that provide support can prevent breast deformation.

Alternate Breastfeeding Sides

During the breastfeeding period, mothers should use the correct feeding technique, alternating between both breasts. If your baby only feeds from one breast at a time, use a breast pump to empty the other side to maintain breast symmetry. Avoid letting your baby pull or deform your nipples while breastfeeding. There's no need to clean the nipples before feeding; it's safe for your baby to feed directly.

Massage Your Breasts

Gentle breast massages can help prevent your breasts from becoming smaller and sagging. You can massage your breasts before going to bed or after waking up. Using the fingers of one hand (index, middle, and ring fingers) placed on the opposite breast, with the nipple as the center, make circular motions clockwise from the outer edge of the breast to the inside. Do this for both breasts ten times each. This technique promotes localized blood circulation, increases breast nutrition supply, and contributes to estrogen secretion.

Avoid Incorrect Weight Loss Methods

Some mothers may rush to lose weight after childbirth, and dieting is the most common approach. Prolonged periods of hunger force the body to use stored fat and protein reserves, and breasts primarily consist of fat and collagen. When breast fat decreases, the skin loses its elasticity, and the breast muscles may atrophy. A lack of nutrients can lead to glandular tissue shrinkage, reducing overall breast tissue. However, the connective tissue between the breast muscles and the breasts remains unchanged, resulting in smaller, sagging breasts. Thus, new moms should never resort to crash dieting after childbirth and should instead opt for a gradual, healthy weight loss approach.