How to Use Hairbands

Release time:2023-10-07 14:57

How to Use Hairbands

Many beauty-conscious girls like to use hairbands as accessories to enhance their looks. Today, we'll discuss one way to use a hairband.




Start by selecting a hairband that you like, preferably one that matches your outfit to enhance your overall appearance.

Prepare a mirror where you can clearly see your hair. Use a hair tie to gather and secure your front bangs, revealing a smooth forehead for a refreshed look.

Pick up the hairband and sweep your front bangs backward, removing the hair tie in the process.

Thread the hairband from underneath your hair: By draping it over your long hair and adding the hairband as an accent, you'll achieve a refreshing and stylish appearance.

Additional Tips:

Hairbands can be used in various ways, so feel free to get creative and experiment with different styles.

How to Use Hairbands - With Visual Guide

Bun Hairstyle Method (Attention, Ladies!)

Method 1:

Begin by tying your hair into a ponytail.

Curl your hair tightly, wrapping it to the left.

Continue wrapping downward, forming a circular bun.

Tuck the hair ends into the bun.

Use a hairpin to lift a strand of hair.

Insert the hairpin into the elastic band inside the bun.

Finished look.

Method 2:

Start by tying your hair into a ponytail.

Wrap your hair to the right, ensuring the elastic band is above the center.

Continue wrapping to the left.

Wrap in alternate directions until all your hair is securely tucked in.

Insert a hairpin into the elastic band while pulling it upward slightly.

Insert the hairpin upwards into your hair.

Finished look.

Method 3:

Tie your hair into a ponytail.

Wrap your hair to the left. You can lift the elastic band slightly with your hand to make it easier to see. (Note: The elastic band is depicted in yellow for clarity.)

Continue wrapping your hair.

When your hair reaches the position of the elastic band, tuck it into the elastic band itself, effectively bundling it up.

Continue wrapping the bundled hair to the left.

Ensure that the hair from the second wrap is behind the hair from the first wrap. This means it's hidden behind the first circle of hair.

Tuck this remaining hair into the same elastic band, bundling it up.

Secure the hair with the elastic band.

Finished look.

Feel free to choose the bun hairstyle method that suits you best, and enjoy your stylish hairband-enhanced look!