These 5 Shampoos Might Have Old-Fashioned Packaging, but They're Effective and Affordable – Grab Them at the Supermarket!

Release time:2023-09-09 09:30

These 5 Shampoos Might Have Old-Fashioned Packaging, but They're Effective and Affordable – Grab Them at the Supermarket!

Truly beauty-conscious women not only focus on their skin and body but also care about the quality of their hair. Hair quality can be affected by seasonal changes and temperature fluctuations, and the choice of shampoo is equally crucial.

With the rise of domestic brands, these 5 shampoos, although they may appear to have old-fashioned packaging and lag behind in terms of trends, deliver remarkably good results. Let's get to know them, and the next time you spot them at the supermarket, don't hesitate to bring them home.

Fenghua Shampoo

People who prefer domestic products must have heard of Fenghua shampoo. After all, it was once a popular and top-selling product. Fenghua is known for its generous quantity and incredibly affordable price, making it accessible to everyone.

Established in 1985, Fenghua gradually entered the public eye. One of the essential criteria for choosing shampoo is a fresh and mild fragrance, and Fenghua shampoo lives up to this standard. After washing, your hair will emit waves of freshness, rather than the cheap perfume smell. Even immediately after washing, you won't feel awkward in a crowd; instead, you'll attract people's attention.

So, why recommend Fenghua shampoo so highly? It's not just because of its generous quantity and affordability, but also because of its transparent and open ingredients. There's no added silicone oil. Silicone oil is the culprit behind hair loss problems, and as a high-quality domestic product, Fenghua shampoo firmly avoids adding silicone oil. This product not only protects your hair but also provides powerful cleaning, eliminating worries about inadequate washing.

Haiou Shampoo

Compared to Fenghua shampoo, Haiou shampoo has been around for a longer time. Typically packaged in cans, it has more exquisite packaging that keeps up with the trends. Despite newer products continually replacing old ones, Haiou shampoo has maintained its quality.

Haiou shampoo not only has strong cleansing abilities but also protects the scalp from irritation. After using it, you'll notice a faint and pleasant fragrance. Due to its refreshing and pleasant scent, when someone asks where that fragrance is coming from, you can boldly say it's your natural body scent.

Amid rising prices, many brands have increased the cost of their shampoos, making them less affordable for consumers. However, Haiou shampoo continues to adhere to its initial price. As a domestic brand, Haiou shampoo deserves your trust because it has consistently focused on making quality hair care products.

Liushen Shampoo

Mention the Liushen brand, and most people will think of their famous floral water. However, they also make shampoos. Although these two areas are different, Liushen shampoo can still surprise and delight users.

Liushen has earned a dedicated fanbase over the years, particularly among older generations. They highly appreciate the brand. For those with oily hair, Liushen shampoo is a fantastic choice. Not only does it have strong cleansing power, but it also leaves a fresh and comfortable feeling after use, effectively getting rid of the troubles of greasy hair.

Baishu Mite-Removing Shampoo

When talking about affordable and effective domestic brands, it's impossible not to mention Baishu mite-removing shampoo. It once held the number one spot on repurchase lists for women, and its popularity is well-deserved.

As the name suggests, this product not only cleans but also helps eliminate mites from your scalp. It contains special plant ingredients, pure natural plant extracts. This not only protects the scalp but also effectively eliminates mites without damaging hair quality.

Baishu mite-removing shampoo is a savior for those troubled by mites. Whether your hair quality is severely damaged or naturally thin, you can choose this shampoo. It revitalizes your hair, adds moisture, and leaves it with a refreshing sensation. It provides anti-mite benefits without causing dryness or loss of luster.

Mousse Girl Amino Acid Shampoo

Mousse Girl Amino Acid Shampoo has gained recent popularity, especially for those aiming to achieve voluminous hair. This shampoo contains a rich blend of amino acids. Many people are aware that amino acids are excellent for the skin, making them a must-have in facial cleansers.

Mousse Girl Amino Acid Shampoo has become a favorite among celebrities and internet influencers. Particularly for women who struggle with oily hair, this shampoo not only cleanses effectively but also delivers remarkable results in reducing oiliness and providing volume.

This shampoo also incorporates essential oils, which many hair care-savvy women recognize as important. After washing your hair, it not only achieves a voluminous effect but also adds shine. It combines the benefits of both volume and repair, a rare find that meets all your needs. If you are blessed with good hair quality, this product eliminates the need for additional serums.

The packaging of Mousse Girl Amino Acid Shampoo is thoughtfully designed, with an overall pink appearance that appeals to the younger audience. But you might wonder whether such a high-quality and visually appealing shampoo comes at a high price. As a domestic brand, there's no need to worry – it's incredibly affordable.

When it comes to these 5 affordable domestic brands, you can trust their quality and enjoy their effectiveness without breaking the bank.