Why is There a Growing Demand for Wigs?

Release time:2023-09-07 16:43

Why is There a Growing Demand for Wigs?

Your appearance is your first impression when interacting with others, and your hairstyle is like your second face. According to data, there are approximately 200 million people suffering from hair loss in China, surpassing the total population of Japan and South Korea. As the aging population increases and urban life becomes more stressful, hair loss is affecting people at younger ages. Consequently, the demand for wigs in China continues to rise. Wigs have become a fashion statement, often worn by celebrities and artists attending various events.

One of the largest demographics with a high demand for wigs is the African American community. Their hair tends to grow slowly, and the prevalence of hair loss is higher among this group. Statistical analysis shows that African American women are more than four times more likely to experience hair loss compared to white women. Therefore, it's challenging for them to rely solely on their natural hair for styling, making wigs an essential accessory to cover these deficiencies.

Currently, the majority of wig consumers in China are women. Approximately 10% are those who simply want to enhance their beauty, while around 70% are looking to cover white or thinning hair. The remaining percentage includes men who are dealing with male pattern baldness. Among those purchasing anti-hair loss products on a popular online marketplace, 36% are from the post-90s generation, while 38.5% are from the post-80s generation. Hair loss is occurring at an earlier age in each generation, and the post-80s and post-90s generations are expected to become the main consumer groups for wigs in China.

Wigs can be categorized into two main types based on materials: synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. Human hair wigs offer high realism and durability but come at a higher price due to limited raw material availability. However, with advancements in synthetic wig technology, synthetic wigs are becoming increasingly realistic. This year, the synthetic wig market is growing faster than the human hair wig market.

In summary, wigs offer exceptional value for money compared to other hair-related solutions. They are a safer and more affordable alternative to hair transplants and are more effective than hair growth products without any side effects. Furthermore, as technology advances, issues like realism and breathability, which once deterred people from using wigs, are being effectively addressed.