Here are some key points to pay attention to when purchasing wigs! A mini guide to avoid getting scammed when buying wigs

Release time:2023-08-10 16:32

Here are some key points to pay attention to when purchasing wigs! A mini guide to avoid getting scammed when buying wigs.

I've heard so many stories lately about friends getting scammed when buying wigs. As a blogger, it pains me that our education seems inadequate! So today, I'll go over 3 aspects to help everyone avoid getting scammed.

Hair Quality

Human hair wigs have graded quality, from worst to best: frizzy hair, stripped hair, smooth frizzy hair, smooth stripped hair, and smooth braided hair. There is also the worst type, dyed hair, which is white or blonde hair dyed and specially processed. Many sellers label their human hair as "smooth human hair". Don't assume it's high quality just because it says "smooth human hair". Ask clearly what grade the hair is. If budget allows, smoothed braided hair is recommended. For good value, choose smoothed stripped hair. Avoid crappy frizzy hair as it tangles easily after washing.


Wig craftsmanship includes hand-tied and machine-tied. Hand-tied can be basic with no lace front, or ventilated with a lace front. Ventilated wigs include top-ventilated, partially-ventilated, half-head ventilated, front-and-back ventilated, and fully ventilated. This probably confuses people, but it's simple - ventilation refers to the area of lace front coverage. Top-ventilated means lace at the top and crown, half-head means lace on the front half, etc.

In general, more ventilation means higher price. So be clear on the type of craftsmanship, as that greatly affects cost.


Some complain about using inches over centimeters for wig length, but inches are the official standard unit in the wig industry. Beware of wigs labeled only in centimeters - that's often used to scam buyers.

Wigs come in even and odd inch lengths. Even inches are cut at the bottom for blunt ends. Odd inches are two layers of hair sewn together for extra length. A 17 inch wig is 45cm long, while a 14 inch wig can be 50cm - the 17 inch is 45cm from top to bottom, but the 14 inch connects two 35cm pieces to get 50cm length. This causes lots of confusion, so always ask for inch length and if the hair is cut blunt.

Hair quality, craftsmanship, and length are fundamental factors determining a wig's price. A small difference results in a price difference of several hundred RMB. So ask clear questions, and don't be misled by tricky terminology and details.