Socializing with Wig Pieces: The Key to Styling is Secure Attachment!

Release time:2023-08-09 15:30

Socializing with Wig Pieces: The Key to Styling is Secure Attachment!

A few days ago, Style Guide took you through the "love-hate" stories of Korean-American actress Han Meijuan and her wig pieces. Is the trend of the hairline magic tool becoming a fiasco? Major issues arise when the faux bangs aren't secured well.

However, after learning about Han Meijuan's step-by-step method for wearing hairline magic tools, many were intrigued. As for why Han Meijuan didn't get her hairline done before coming, her response was, "What's meant to be will be. Hair won't grow no matter what tricks you use."

He's not the only one with a hair catastrophe involving faux bangs. On the show "Quotable Quotes," Ren Gaoming's faux bangs also went awry. The program even shamelessly captured the mishap from three angles, maximizing the comedic effect.

Later, during a livestream with Song Qian, Ren Gaoming tested a hairdryer, and Song Qian blew away Ren Gaoming's wig piece, leading to a hilarious moment. It's fitting to recall the lyrics, "Blow, blow, my pride and indulgence," at that instant.

Wearing wig pieces has become a staple in the looks of female celebrities. "Cheating on hair volume" has become common, but be wary of incidents like Jin Chen's wig mishap at a public event. A fan captured a scene where Jin Chen's wig piece fell off before she got into a car. The post on Weibo came with the caption, "Xizi is so funny, hahaha" (many "haha"s). The fans flooded the comments with laughter, possibly irritating Xizi's eyes!

Jin Chen herself went online to humbly request the deletion of the post, saying, "Please delete it, I beg you." This only further delighted fans. What ill intentions could Jin Chen possibly have? She was merely protecting the dignity of the female celebrity.

Meng Meiqi also experienced an embarrassing moment. Her smooth hair flip turned into a catastrophe when her wig piece flew off, instantly ruining her look. Doesn't Meng Meiqi care about her image?

Another celebrity, Guan Xiaotong, has no qualms. In her vlog posted on Weibo, she layers wig pieces upon wig pieces. Many people commented that seeing such a beautiful woman wearing so many wig pieces put their minds at ease.

Celebrities who once discreetly wore wig pieces are now openly embracing them. Some even take the time to introduce the wig pieces they wear to fans. The trend of "wig piece socializing" is on fire.

Experiencing the Joy of Ponytail with Wig Pieces

The pioneer of "wig piece socializing" is probably Wu Xin. She mentioned on a show that female artists discussing wig pieces could enhance camaraderie. She then revealed a whole basket of treasures: wig pieces galore!

Wu Xin has expressed her enthusiasm for wig pieces multiple times. Just the other day, she participated in the live broadcast of the Queen's Festival hosted by Viya. In the broadcast room, a row of wig pieces was displayed. As she left, Wu Xin casually took the wig board with wig pieces along with her, solidifying her identity as a severe wig patient.

Concerning the high double ponytail wig pieces, Wu Xin mentioned that attaching them to the scalp can be damaging. Wig pieces are disposable and easy to attach and remove. Just clip them onto the bun, and you can instantly enjoy a fuller and voluminous hairstyle.

To achieve this, tie your original hair into a ponytail, braid it (long or short), and secure it for later. Then, wrap each layer of wig pieces around the braided ponytail, fastening them with U-shaped clips. Finally, wrap a strand of hair around the junction of the ponytail and the wig pieces. Use hair oil to style any stray hairs. Ariana Grande's ponytail will be yours with this method.

Celebrity-Inspired Multipurpose Wig Pieces

Meng Jia saw Han Meijuan's wig piece mishap and found it so amusing that she said she wanted to customize wig pieces that won't fall off for Han Meijuan, as she could relate. Let's revisit the scene where Jiaye was mocked by her sisters!

During a group variety show recording, Meng Jia felt a bit uncomfortable with her wig piece and wanted to take it off for a breather. Her fellow sisters were astonished, saying, "What? You have so little hair, and you're still wearing a wig piece?" "Yeah, you're wearing a wig piece?" It wasn't a big injury, but it was extremely insulting.

Meng Jia actually has a good amount of hair, but her naturally soft texture makes it challenging to maintain voluminous hairstyles, putting her at a visual disadvantage. However, she has plenty of solutions, like using a hairbrush, a hairdryer, straightening irons, and attaching wig pieces. This completely conceals the issue of thin hair.

Don't think that wig pieces are exclusive to girls with thinning hair. Yang Chaoyue, the "Queen of Hair Volume," also uses wig pieces. In a variety show, while climbing the Great Wall, she suddenly found the weight too much and plucked a tuft of hair, shocking everyone.

Although Yang Chaoyue doesn't face issues like a high hairline or thinning hair, placing wig pieces at the base of the bun can make the overall hairstyle look fuller and more voluminous. This bountiful hair volume is undoubtedly an age-reducing magic tool, bursting with a youthful vibe.

First, use a straightening iron to make the hair fuller, especially the roots, ensuring the wig pieces adhere well to the hair. Divide the hair into upper and lower sections, tie up the upper half, and attach the first layer of wig pieces to the lower half at the roots. Release the upper half and divide it again into upper and lower sections. Secure the upper half and attach another wig piece to the lower half. Clip wig pieces to the sides of the temple area for a natural appearance.