Are Wigs Over 3,000 Yuan Expensive?

Release time:2023-08-07 11:39

Are Wigs Over 3,000 Yuan Expensive?

Wigs are common in daily life, but prices vary greatly depending on type and quality. So, are wigs over 3,000 yuan expensive? How long can a 3,000 yuan wig last? Let's find out:

Are wigs over 3,000 yuan expensive?

It depends on personal needs. For real human hair wigs, 3,000+ yuan is normal, with some costing over 10,000 yuan.

Fiber wigs range from tens to hundreds of yuan. Hand-tied human hair wigs start from 1,000+ yuan, while long human hair wigs are 10,000+ yuan. Fiber is the cheapest but unsuitable for daily wear, only for temporary use. High-quality durable human hair wigs for everyday wear start from several thousand yuan at minimum. If they're too cheap, quality suffers significantly. Choose comfortable, breathable wigs suiting your needs and budget.

How long can a 3,000 yuan wig last?

Typically 1-2 years, with proper care potentially 3-4 years.

Wig lifespan depends on materials and craftsmanship. While some expect doll-like permanence, wigs are consumables made of real or synthetic hair attached to cap foundations. Friction causes shedding, dryness and yellowing over time.

Materials, production and wear frequency greatly influence durability. With regular maintenance, quality real human hair wigs often last around 2-3 years, with specialty wig shops providing appropriate upkeep services during this period.

How to identify good and bad wigs

Ensure the hair quality and workmanship match the price. Full hand-tied collarbone length wigs with lace fronts (imitating real scalps) generally cost over 2,000 yuan. Wearable everyday human hair wigs start from 1,000+ yuan.

When purchasing, feel the texture by hand and wash to reveal the true unenhanced hair quality. Many vendors apply oils and straighten hair with hot plates to appear silky smooth before selling, masking inferior quality that manifests after washing.

A comfortable wig uses hand-tied construction with smoothly bundled hair. Such wigs aren't cheap, but are of excellent quality.

In summary, wig pricing varies greatly based on materials, construction and longevity. While 3,000+ yuan is expensive for synthetic wigs, it's a normal starting range for quality human hair wigs that can last years with proper care. Examine and test hair yourself to determine if pricing matches value.