Is a wig priced at over 3000 yuan expensive?

Release time:2023-08-07 11:38

Is a wig priced at over 3000 yuan expensive?

Wigs are quite common in daily life, but their prices vary depending on the type and quality. So, is a wig priced at over 3000 yuan considered expensive? How long can a 3000-yuan wig last? Let's explore the answers provided by this article.

Is a wig priced at over 3000 yuan expensive?

This depends on individual needs. For human hair wigs, a price of over 3000 yuan is considered normal, and some wigs can even cost over ten thousand yuan.

Fiber wigs range from tens to hundreds of yuan, while hand-woven human hair wigs start at over 1000 yuan, and long human hair wigs can cost over 10,000 yuan. The cheapest option is a fiber wig, but it is not suitable for daily wear. For a realistic and long-term wearable wig, it would cost several thousand yuan or more. If wigs are too cheap, their quality and appearance may suffer. It's essential not to prioritize low prices but rather opt for a comfortable and breathable wig based on its effectiveness.

How long can a 3000-yuan wig last?

Typically, a wig can be used for 1 to 2 years, and with proper care, it may last for 3 or 4 years.

The longevity of a wig depends on its materials and craftsmanship. Some people may expect a wig to last as long as a Barbie doll's hair, possibly even a lifetime, but that is not feasible.

Unlike Barbie dolls made of durable plastic, wigs are consumables primarily crafted from real hair or synthetic fibers woven into a base. With increased use, wear and tear may occur, such as hair shedding, yellowing, and dryness.

The lifespan of a wig is heavily influenced by its materials, manufacturing process, and frequency of use. A genuine human hair wig, under normal maintenance, can last approximately 2 to 3 years. Professional wig retailers offer maintenance services during this period.

How to distinguish between good and bad wigs when buying?

When purchasing a wig, it is essential to check if the hair quality and craftsmanship match the price you are paying. For instance, a fully hand-woven wig with front half-scalp stitching (commonly known as a simulated scalp) and collarbone length usually costs around 2000 yuan or slightly more, while an ordinary wig with straight hair at collarbone length suitable for daily wear costs around 1000 yuan or more.

When buying a wig, it's best to feel the texture with your hands and wash it to observe its true condition. Some merchants may apply hair care oil and use hair straighteners to make the wig look exceptionally smooth, but its true condition becomes evident after washing.

A comfortable wig typically refers to a fully hand-woven wig, which, however, comes at a higher price and must be matched with straight hair to create a good wig.