How to Care for Wigs? (Tips and Techniques)

Release time:2023-08-04 17:16

How to Care for Wigs? (Tips and Techniques)

Best Answer: Different wig brands may have slightly different care methods and steps, but most of them share common practices. For individuals experiencing hair loss, besides mastering the skill of wearing wigs, it's essential to learn how to care for them. Below, we share some valuable tips on wig care.

Wig Care: Three Handy Techniques

Gentle Combing: Before using the wig, comb it carefully, and after wearing the wig, a slight combing is sufficient. It is best to use a sparsely spaced comb for wig combing. Adopt a slanted combing technique, avoiding straight combing, and ensure gentle movements.

Avoid Using Hair Clips: To prevent the wig from being blown away by strong winds, some people use hair clips to secure the wig. However, do not exert too much force when clipping, as it may damage the wig's net. It is better to avoid using hair clips and use decorative hairbands to secure the wig.

Handle Washing with Care: For frequently worn wigs, washing them every two to three months is advisable. Before washing, comb the wig thoroughly, and then use a diluted hair conditioner solution for washing and combing. Never twist or wring the wig with your hands, and avoid soaking it in washing liquid. Gently rinse off the foam with your hands following the direction of the hair strands, and then let it air dry. Avoid exposing the wig to direct sunlight during drying.

Wig Care: Seven Helpful Suggestions

Gently comb the wig without doing it daily; let the wig rest.

When at home, take off the wig and place it on a wig stand. The stand will maintain the wig's shape, and removing it will reduce hair pulling.

After washing the wig, do not "rub dry" it with a towel. Carefully blot it dry, one strand at a time, to prevent hair shedding. Also, avoid styling when the wig is wet. Even so-called "wet styling" hair styling tools can damage the wig.

After absorbing water, squeeze the wig dry gently. Avoid wringing it, as this may deform the wig's base, resulting in a comical shape once dried.

When washing the wig, avoid using regular shampoo. Regular hair conditioner is suitable, but shampoo is too harsh for wigs and may cause hair shedding.

You can use conditioner for wig care every one to two weeks to keep it shiny and soft. However, do not apply leave-in conditioner daily, and ensure that the conditioner is rinsed thoroughly to prevent buildup in the wig.

Wash the wig after wearing it approximately 25 times. Frequent washing can lead to hair shedding and a less natural appearance.

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