Here are 5 tips to care for hair in winter and keep it smooth and tangle-free

Release time:2023-08-01 17:32

Here are 5 tips to care for hair in winter and keep it smooth and tangle-free:

Pat dry hair with a towel after washing

Vigorously rubbing with a towel damages hair and causes dryness. Gently pat hair with a towel to absorb moisture instead. Blow drying on a cool setting about 20cm away also prevents static electricity.

DIY Beer Hair Mask

Ingredients: Beer

Method: Apply directly to clean, towel-dried hair. Pour about 1/8 of a bottle evenly through hair, or soak for 2-3 minutes in a basin. Massage into scalp for a few minutes, leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse clean with water. Finally, brush through with a wood or horn comb.

Adjust Diet

Hair growth and health rely heavily on nutrition. Intake more iron, sulfur, vitamins A, E and quality protein. Eat diverse plant proteins like beans and seaweed. Sesame, honey, black fungus, walnuts, lotus seed porridge, fruits and vegetables also nourish. Supplement vitamin B2 to help prevent shedding.

Peanut Skins and Red Dates Soup

Ingredients: Peanut skins, red dates


Soak peanuts and remove skins

Cook skins and dates 30 minutes in low heat, adding brown sugar

Drink for breakfast or supper

Effect: Improves dry, shedding hair with consistent consumption.

Flour and Ginger Shampoo

Mix appropriate flour with water, soy milk or rice water into a semi-thick paste. Add vinegar and blended ginger juice. Whisk evenly.

Effect: Blackens, brightens and prevents itchiness and hair loss. Long term use reduces gray hairs. Combine with black sesame intake to revert hair to black.

In summary, proper post-wash drying, natural hair masks, nutrition adjustment, and scalp-healthy concoctions help ensure smooth, tangle-free hair despite dry winters. Handle hair gently and consistently for best results.