What are the Types of Closure Wigs?

Release time:2023-07-19 14:06

What is a Closure Wig?

Closure wigs are a type of wig with strands tied to a share lace base at the front of the hair. Wigmakers use them to close up your hair in a particular style, and it can be a 4x4 or 5x5 lace closure.

Lace closures differ from frontals because frontals cover the part of your hairline from ear to ear, while closures only cover the front area. Therefore, you can’t style closures as much as you can do lace frontals. Closures are glueless wigs, making them beginner-friendly to install.

Lace closure wigs can be synthetic or human hair, but the ones at Luvme Hair are human hair. The human hair wigs help enhance the natural feel of the wig and make it more comfortable to wear. Synthetic lace closure wigs are the less expensive option but are a great choice if you’re looking for a cost-effective unit.

 What are the Types of Closure Wigs?

Lace closure wigs are classified based on the lace size or the parting styles. The 4x4 and 5x5 lace closure wigs are the most popular. The 4x4 closure wig has 4x4 inches of lace, while the 5x5 has 5x5 inches of lace.

The only significant difference between both wig types is the size difference. However, you should note that the 5x5 inches lace closure wig can give you more styling options.

 The second classification of closure wigs is the parting style, and they’re the three-part, middle part, and free-part lace closure. You can part the hair in three-part closures in three different ways and the hair on the middle part into only one.

The free-part option lets you style your hair in many different ways, and you should consider it if you’re more experimental with your styling.

What are The Best Luvme Hair Closure Wigs?

Luvme Hair has many lace front wigs in all the different types and styles. All you have to do is visit the brand website and check them out.

If you’re browsing through the brand’s impressive lace closure wigs collection, check out the Straight 4x4 Mid Part Closure Lace Wig. It’s perfect for ladies who enjoy a super straight lace closure wig. It’s available in 10-26 inches.

The Luvme Hair Glueless Sleek Piano Highlights wig is also another top closure wig. Its trendy and adorable 4/30 mix color is fascinating and perfect for women that want to make a statement.

 Lumehair’s Fairycole Red Lace Closure wig also shows that the brand has numerous colors for you to offer. If you have brown or light-dark skin, it’s all you need to step out in style.

 Luvme Hair has a lot of 5x5 parting styles as well, like the Blonde Highlights Big Loose Wave Lace Closure wig. Its mixed chestnut brown color is a beauty to behold, and it’ll look more attractive when you wear it.

 For lovers of curly wigs, the Boho Chick Flowy Bohemian Curly Closure wig is a marvel you should witness. You can explore other curly options, but this wig’s build is almost impossible to resist.

 Luvme Hair has countless other wig types on its website. 5x5 closure wigs dominate its collection because they’re the most popular, but coming very close behind is the 4x4 parting style. All Luvme Hair lace closure wigs are made from 100% human hair.

What are the Advantages of Closure Wigs?

1.        Easy to MaintainLace closure wigs require very little maintenance when compared to lace front wigs. You only need to wash, condition, and style them properly to enjoy them. Its glueless installation also means that you can take it on and off daily as you want.

2.        They Last Long

Once again, closure wigs defeat lace frontals when it comes to lifespan. You only need to ensure you care for it well to enjoy it.

3.        It’s Affordable

Lace Closure wigs are cheaper than most of the other human hair wigs out there. It’s a decent way to wear a quality wig at a comparatively affordable price.

4.        It Protects Your Natural Hair

Lace closures are among the most preferred wig types for women recovering from hair loss. It keeps your natural hair safe from harmful substances while you’ll still look your best. You could also explore numerous styles and color options without exposing your natural hair to much threat.

How to Care For Your Closure Wigs?

Handle your closure wig like it’s your natural hair. Wash it regularly, condition it, comb it, and store it properly. You should wash it with lukewarm water and rinse carefully. The rule of thumb is to cleanse the wigs once every two weeks.

Brush the hair with a wide toothcomb regularly, especially if you have a curly wig. This will help prevent tangling and keep it in top condition, always. Air dry the wig and try as much as possible to avoid using heat-styling tools. If you must, ensure that you set it to a low temperature.

Store the wig in a dust-free wig box when not in use, and watch it shine when you call upon it.


When you buy a product that you love, you’ll always wear it with confidence and pride. The good vibes you exhume will be projected onto the people you relate with, and you’ll be a happy bird wherever you go.

 Your hair is a crucial part of your fashion, and getting it right, believe me, can make or spoil your confidence. For this reason, you must do all you can to get a quality lace closure wig. Luvme Hair has what you need if you’re ready to buy.