Kim Kardashian New Long Blonde Hairstyle on Instagram

Release time:2023-07-06 13:42

Kim Kardashian New Long Blonde Hairstyle, The Kimye Overload is not finished yet. Professional and constantly provides us Kim Kardashian (33) almost daily with hair-raising news and photos of themselves. Her latest coup: She’s blonde!

Originally, the marketing miracle Kim Kardashian had only want to present their new hairstyle on Instagram and Facebook, yet upon closer inspection there was a very different “wow effect”: Under the bright mane flash a piece out of her ch-est. Already in her second honeymoon with new husband Kanye West (37) in Mexico was a newlywed no questions unanswered and was quite frankly the pool.

Kim Kardashian New Long Blonde Hairstyle On FaceBook

Kim Kardashian New Long Blonde Hairstyle

Kim Kardashian can wear anything and is also blond eye candy (Picture: Instagram / kimkardashian)

Not that we had her blond hair forget the possibility – no. But Kim reveals the secret to her hairy new style immediately and said: “It’s just a wig! Looks really so real? ”

Kim Kardashian New Long Blonde Hairstyle

The wig is a minor matter (Picture: Instagram / kimkardashian)

We say yes, but what a lot of genuine and authentic looks of below the picture, PR intention? When Kim Kardashian is not really important because it gets attention for almost every picture she uploads. This much is certain.

Kim Kardashian New Long Blonde Hairstyle

The Master’s be a model. Hairstylist Serge Normant in her salon (Picture: Instagram / kimkardashian)

Responsible for the complete “Verblondung” is the celebrity hairstylist Serge Normant, who is booked by numerous stars for photo shoots and red carpet appearances. Kate Moss too, and Sarah Jessica Parker are among her clients.