Old lady eat 15 red dates cardiac arrest correct eating red dates can be good for the body

Release time:2023-11-13 13:54

Old lady eat 15 red dates cardiac arrest correct eating red dates can be good for the body

Jujube is not every woman's daily essential good, usually eat a Yiqi nourishing, physiological pain to a, relieve physiological pain, even when cooking porridge are not without it, but it makes the old woman cardiac arrest, what is going on, Xiaobian network take you to understand it.

Old lady eating red dates cardiac arrest

Old lady eat 15 red dates cardiac arrest correct eating red dates can be good for the body

Recently, a news of "an octogenarian eating red dates cardiac arrest" spread across the network. Red dates are familiar to us women, but the old woman has red dates as a snack to eat, plus the old man himself suffers from renal insufficiency, in a row after eating 15 dates caused cardiac arrest, was sent to the ICU for 30 hours, and finally out of life danger.

Originally because the old woman renal insufficiency, coupled with the red date itself contains a particularly high potassium content, which led to the elderly remarks in the potassium content of serious, resulting in cardiac arrest phenomenon. Experts pointed out that normal people eat jujube daily maximum 1-3, because jujube is not easy to digest, eating more will cause stomach discomfort, even diarrhea and so on. And people with kidney dysfunction who eat too much can develop acidosis, or potassium excretion, like this old woman.

What are the disadvantages of eating red dates

Old lady eat 15 red dates cardiac arrest correct eating red dates can be good for the body

1, too much red dates can lead to bloating, that is, stomach gas.

2, excessive consumption of red dates will cause certain problems to the human kidney, while affecting the digestive system, will cause constipation and other conditions.

3, jujube sugar is high, therefore, patients with diabetes should pay attention to jujube or jujube made of snacks can not be eaten, not hot will lead to diabetes worsening.

4, in the female menstrual period when edema is not able to eat red dates, because red dates are very sweet, eat more will produce phlegm wet, so, this time the more red dates eat, the more serious the edema will be. In addition, people who have abdominal distention or hot physique can not eat more dates during menstruation, otherwise it will lead to excessive menstrual blood and more serious abdominal distention. Jujube in the traditional Chinese medicine prescription, is the most common medicine and food homology recipe, taste sweet and warm, the main function is to tonify qi, nourishing blood and calming, clinical mainly used for spleen and stomach qi deficiency, blood deficiency yellow, blood deficiency insomnia and dreaminess treatment. Drinking jujube water as usual can improve the pallor and cold hands and feet of women with anemia caused by excessive menstrual blood. But as a prescription is contraindicated, such as during menstruation, some women often appear swollen eyes or swollen feet phenomenon, in fact, this is the performance of wet weight, this type of population is not suitable for eating red dates. This is because, red dates taste sweet, eat more prone to phlegm dampness resulting in water accumulation in the body, and aggravate edema symptoms. At the same time, women who take jujube supplements and are physically hot are not suitable for eating during menstruation, because it is likely to cause excessive menstrual blood and harm their health.

5, eating fresh jujube, easy to produce diarrhea and damage the "spleen", therefore, due to the external wind and heat caused by the cold, fever and abdominal flatulence, are avoid eating fresh jujube people.

6, wet sheng or abdominal distension full of diet; Wet heat heavy, tongue coating yellow people should not eat.

7, chronic illness, food accumulation, constipation should not eat more; Dental caries, dental pain and phlegm-heat cough patients should not eat.

Red dates are best eaten this way

Old lady eat 15 red dates cardiac arrest correct eating red dates can be good for the body_hair milos forman 

The best way to eat red dates - boiling method. Put into a pot or pot with boiling water until the red dates crumble, eat together with soup and meat. Boiled jujube will not change the nutritional value of jujube, but also to avoid some life caused by diarrhea.

Don't let go of the jujube peel. Because the vitamin content of jujube peel is very rich, much higher than the high sugar content of jujube meat. However, the skin of red dates is hard and contains insoluble crude fiber, which is extremely difficult to digest, and must be fully chewed when eating, and do not "swallow jujube", otherwise it will increase the burden of the gastrointestinal tract.

Edible red dates contraindicated

Old lady eat 15 red dates cardiac arrest correct eating red dates can be good for the body

Taboo 1, should not be eaten with cucumber or radish

Radish will have anti-blood acidase, cucumber contains vitamin decomposition enzyme, these two components are jujube's Nemesis, will destroy jujube vitamins, resulting in the loss of nutritional value of jujube.

Taboo two, not too much

"Compendium of Materia Medica" says: "overeating causes cold and heat, and anyone who has emaciated cannot eat." Epigastric fullness, lack of appetite should not be eaten. Because of its high sugar content, diabetes patients should not eat

Jujube smell sweet, xin, hot, wet and hot, easy to produce phlegm and dampness. After people with excessive phlegm-dampness eat red dates, the original symptoms are easy to worsen, and there are adverse reactions such as cold, heat, thirst and stomach distension.

Eating dates should also pay attention to protect teeth. It is advisable to eat no more than 50 grams of jujube every day.

Taboo three, eat raw jujube blood alone

Jujube contains a lot of iron elements, indeed has a great effect on iron deficiency anemia, can also promote white blood cell growth, improve serum albumin, protect the liver.

However, if you only rely on eating red dates to replenish the blood, the effect of blood is very small, if you want to achieve the best blood-replenishing effect, you should match some raisins, longan and other foods. More importantly, if you only rely on raw jujube to supplement the blood, not only the effect is not obvious, but also cause diarrhea.

When eaten raw, jujube peel is easy to stay in the intestine and not easy to discharge, affecting gastrointestinal digestion, excessive intake will cause gastrointestinal flatulence, and easy to cause obesity, it is recommended that 2 to 3 times a week.

Taboo four, it is best not to boil with water

Because the temperature exceeds 80℃, the vitamin C inside the jujube is destroyed. After cleaning with clean water, eating raw is the most nutritious, and insist on eating 5 to 8 red dates every day, which is very beneficial to the body.

Taboo five, after eating red dates, do not eat high-protein foods immediately

Do not eat foods high in protein, such as seafood and dairy products, immediately after eating red dates. Because vitamin C will make the protein in these two foods condensed into blocks is not easy to absorb, so after eating dates for 1 to 2 hours, then eat high-protein foods.

Taboo 6, when taking antipyretic drugs do not eat

Taking antipyretic drugs while eating food with high sugar content of red dates is easy to form insoluble complex, reduce the initial absorption rate. Jujube is a food with high sugar content, so it is forbidden to eat.

Taboo 7, should not be consumed when taking bitter stomachic drugs and wind-driven stomachic drugs

Bitter and wind-driven stomachic drugs rely on the bitter taste of drugs to stimulate the taste organs, reflexively improve the excitability of food to the central, to help digestion and increase appetite.