How to prevent dry skin in winter? You should learn these 5 tips

Release time:2023-11-10 17:12

How to prevent dry skin in winter? You should learn these 5 tips

In winter, the temperature is getting lower and lower, the weather is getting drier and drier, in this climate, our skin is easy to face water shortage, the skin is too dry, not careful, there will be peeling, this phenomenon will make everyone feel very distressed. At this time, it is especially important to hydrate and moisturize the skin, but some people find that no matter how moisturized, the skin remains dry and peeling.

So, how to prevent dry skin problems in winter?

First, find out the cause of peeling

Peeling of the face is a common occurrence in winter, but the reasons for peeling may not be the same for everyone. Due to facial skin lack of water, lack of oil, allergies and so on will lead to peeling. If you want to take good skin care, you need to find the right reasons. In general, winter peeling is caused by water shortage, when the oil and water are reduced at the same time, you should choose the appropriate care products, if there is still peeling, but it is due to water shortage. If it is dry skin, the skin oil secretion is not strong, there will be a lack of moisture and oil in this season, not only partial peeling, but the whole face may be very tight and uncomfortable. At this time, you can use some restorative skin care products to carry out emergency care for the skin.

Second, apply a hot towel to your face

If you feel the weather is dry, you can often feel tight and stiff face, in this case, you can use a hot towel to apply the face, this can promote skin circulation, but be careful not to wash your face with hot water, as this will make your skin even drier. After cleansing, moisturize the skin with nourishing lotion and massage the skin to make the skin healthier and rudder.

Third, massage the skin more

More skin massages can ensure a more glowing color, choose professional products to care for and massage the skin, which can boost the metabolism of the skin, help the absorption of nutrients, and improve the yellowing problem of the skin.

Fourth, usually pay more attention to moisturizing

People who work in an air-conditioned environment often find their skin very dry. Therefore, we should replenish the skin in time, such as carrying a water spray or moisturizing lotion, but those with oily skin should be careful to supplement the oil with less lotion.

Fifth, exfoliate when appropriate

Night is the best time to maintain the skin, cleaning alone is not enough, exfoliating can help the skin better absorb nutrients. Therefore, before moisturizing work, first exfoliate, pay special attention to the choice of exfoliating products, pay attention to the choice of less irritating types, gentle exfoliation.

All in all, for the maintenance of the skin, usually pay attention to rest, diet should be light and easy to digest food, and then take an active care method. Do not use cosmetics too much, you can take in more foods containing vitamin C, such as eating more fruit, drinking more water, pay more attention to rest, do not stay up late, do not let the strong sun exposure, so that you can achieve the purpose of skin care.