Long-term moxibustion good 8 kinds of people can not carry out moxibustion

Release time:2023-11-08 17:16

Long-term moxibustion good 8 kinds of people can not carry out moxibustion

Moxibustion, very common in traditional Chinese medicine, is a dried moxa stick (moxa pillar) made of moxa grass. It is one of the ancient Chinese medical techniques. It belongs to external medicine, which is used to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Many friends will ask, can moxibustion be used for a long time? What are the taboos about using it? Who can not use moxibustion, the following for you to answer these questions.

Long-term moxibustion good? The answer is yes, moxibustion is suitable for rheumatic bone pain, muscle pain, arthritis, etc., long-term use can not only treat a variety of chronic diseases, but also strengthen the body, which is very good for the body. However, before using, you need to know your own physical condition. Different people will also be different in the amount used, and the following 8 kinds of people can not carry out moxibustion.

1. People with hot physique

Many people do not know whether they are hot physique, if you have been afraid of heat is not afraid of cold, there are oral ulcers, pus, constipation and other problems, this is the performance of people with hot physique, moxibustion has the effect of cold, if people with hot physique moxibustion, it will cause more dry heat in the body, so people with hot physique can not carry out moxibustion.

2. Special period for women

Many female friends have the situation of palace cold, will also choose to usually carry out moxibustion treatment palace cold, but not when can be carried out, try not to moxibustion during the menstrual period, so as not to cause excessive bleeding resulting in anemia.

3. Patients with hypertension

Moxibustion, the stimulation of acupuncture points, the rise of heat, will lead to an increase in blood pressure, resulting in patients with dizziness and other symptoms, high blood pressure patients can not carry out moxibustion.

4. Cancer patients

Patients with benign tumors in the body must have a tumor certificate issued by the doctor to prove that moxibustion can be carried out, and there are malignant tumors in the body can not be moxibustion, so as not to cause overheating leading to tumor growth.

5. People with a fast heartbeat

Many middle-aged and elderly people will have a rapid heartbeat or more than 90 times per minute after climbing the building and exercising, and in this case, people must not carry out moxibustion.

6, fever, fever patients

If there is fever, fever, etc., moxibustion can not be carried out, moxibustion will lead to higher body temperature and other diseases.

7, skin allergies

Patients with skin allergies can not carry out moxibustion, so as not to make the symptoms of allergy more and more serious.

8. Others

Usually irregular diet, always hungry or overworked people can not carry out moxibustion.

Do you usually have the habit of moxibustion? This is about: "Long-term moxibustion good? Eight kinds of people can not carry out moxibustion "content, moxibustion health although very good, but also pay attention to ways and methods, if the taboo of moxibustion is uncertain, you can go to the nearby pharmacy or hospital to ask for re-use, I hope this article will be useful to you!