Why Do Women Need to "Shave" Before Childbirth?

Release time:2023-11-02 15:24

Why Do Women Need to "Shave" Before Childbirth?

For some first-time expectant mothers, childbirth can present many awkward situations, including the practice of shaving before giving birth. Many pregnant women may find this procedure embarrassing and wonder about the connection between childbirth and hair removal. So, why do doctors help pregnant women shave before childbirth? There are several reasons for this:

Why Do Women Need to Shave Before Childbirth?

Before childbirth, doctors routinely help expectant mothers shave. This is primarily because body hair in the genital area can harbor bacteria and viruses, increasing the risk of infection during childbirth. It can also potentially affect the baby. Shaving before childbirth helps prevent infection and creates a more sterile environment for the baby's delivery.

In general, when doctors shave a pregnant woman's body hair, they also disinfect other parts of the body. This is done to create a sterile environment for the mother, which aids in post-surgical wound healing and reduces the risk of infection after childbirth. Shaving the hair in the genital area before childbirth can also prevent hair from entering the vagina during delivery, which can occur when the uterus opens. This helps avoid any interference with the baby's birth or potential complications.

Newborn babies have delicate and sensitive skin. Infections caused by bacteria can affect the baby's skin, potentially leading to various diseases after contact.

If a pregnant woman opts for a cesarean section, a urinary catheter is typically inserted after the procedure to help drain urine. Catheterization is an invasive procedure, and in this case, shaving the pubic hair is necessary to prevent pubic hair from coming into contact with the urethra, which can lead to urinary tract infections in pregnant women—a situation that's far from ideal.

After giving birth, a woman's body undergoes a period of reduced immunity in various organs. Infection, if it occurs, can lead to various illnesses, some of which may harm the organs. So, in general, before childbirth, doctors shave the pubic area of pregnant women to ensure the mother's and baby's health.

In summary, doctors help shave body hair before childbirth to facilitate a smoother delivery process and reduce the risk of infection. Therefore, expectant mothers should cooperate with medical professionals. While the process may seem embarrassing, it is essential to follow the doctor's guidance to ensure a successful delivery and prevent potential complications, especially related to infections.