How to Care Your Human Hair Weave

Release time:2023-10-16 15:53

How to Care Your Human Hair Weave

Do you know how to care your human hair weave or lace wigs? We all know that the hair was made of 100% human hair material, it’s not easy to keep and care. You can wash your weave at least once every 10 days. When you don’t wash your hair waving, it may start looking messy and smelling bad. To avoid this situation, wash and maintain your human hair products half a week or more frequently. If your hair weaving is crimped, it’s best to wash it at least once a week to keep the crimp pattern.

Do weekly deep acquisition treatments before shampooing. whereas it’s dry, divide your leave-in weave into 4-6 sections. Squirt associate organ oil deep conditioner into your hand and apply it totally to every section. place a plastic cap on, stuff your weave within, and sit underneath a blow dryer for regarding quarter-hour. Then, you can rinse out the deep conditioner from the hair with cold water and shampoo. Return underneath the blow dryer till your weave is totally dry.

Apply organic oils to your scalp. once you have a weave in, your hair and scalp aren’t getting superb circulation. thanks to this, the expansion of bacterium, like mildew, is likely. To avoid this issue, place atiny low quantity of hair-conditioning oil on your fingertips and gently apply it to your scalp from time to time. Minimize your use of hair styling merchandise. Oils, creams, and sprays will weigh your weave down, dry out your weave, and even produce unpleasant odors. attempt to use hair merchandise as sometimes as potential, if at all. Use a tiny low small indefinite quantity of leave-in conditioner on permed weaves to assist management kink up. Stay away from heat styling tools.

Manipulate your weave as very little as potential to stay it trying nice. attempt to not use curling irons and flat irons to vogue your weave. Instead, contemplate carrying your weave in bantu knots or elephantine braids in the dark whereas you sleep to form pretty curls.