Ashley Devonna Guide You :How To Installed Curly Lace Frontal Wig ?

Release time:2023-10-04 14:03

Ashley Devonna Guide You :How To Installed Curly Lace Frontal Wig ?

Curly lace frontal wig which is a kind of curly hairstyle with lovely curls that look like African American women’s hair. So curly lace frontal is the more and more popular among African women. Curly lace frontal normally mentioned is 13×4 curly lace frontal wig or 13×6 curly lace and see how to install curly wig step by step. Keep an eye on this article.

1.Introduce curly lace frontal.

Today I will install another lace wig which is from celie hair. I am going to wear celie’s 13×6 curly lace frontal wig 24inch 180% density. The lace color is the medium brown. This wig cap fit me very well. If you like this look, go and check the link below.

2.Apply this 13×6 curly lace frontal wig.

First, you just need to wear a wig cap. You can cover the color on the wig to make sure you tone can match with the wig cap. Then placed the lace frontal on the head accurately. Make sure the lace blend with your wig cap color well. Then adjust the elastic band let it fit the head well. Then cut off the lace on the both sides.

3. Applying the wax

So once I cut the extra lace on the both side, the get the wax stick. I can move the shuttle so that they won’t be a problem when I start laying the lace. I apply the wax stick around my hairline. Then use the blow dryer and brown it until it gets sticky.

3.Blowdry and press the lace down.

After I use the blow dry make the wax dry, I am going to press the lace and make sure the products and the lace stick stablely. Then it’s time to use the hot comb to remove the debris.

4.Cut the extra lace around the curly wig.

I am going to cutting lace and I do not want to cut any hair, so I cut the extra lace just follow the hairline then cutting it carefully instead of go and cut it directly. Once you cut the lace off, if there is any lace don’t laid down, you can use the freezer and blow dryly it.

6. Pre-plucked the curly hair

Now i am going to pluck the hairline. I split layers about the front of the hairline. Then starring to picking to reduce it. After you finished the pre plucked, I use the comb to comb the hair.

7.Making the middle part of the lace wig.

I use the hot comb to make the lace wig into middle part. Let the hair fly away in the both side laid down.

8.Spray the hair condition.

Now I spray my hair down with water and conditioner. Comb through your hair to give it a complete comb. Then, it will bring a nice wet look curly wig.

9.Comment by Ashley Devonna

I am a big fan of curly hair and like to wear lace wig, if you like curly human hair as me, just look at this 13×6 curly lace frontal wig. The lace wis is amazing, please do not heasite to check the hair link below.