The Gripper Lite Wig: Real Customer Review

Release time:2023-09-22 09:46

Purchasing a wig is an important decision and one you want to get right. It can feel frustrating to not find honest opinions and reviews as you conduct your research, and it’s also disappointing if the reviews you do discover are biased or an underhand promotional sales pitch.


At Daniel Alain, we make and sell human hair wigs, and the Gripper Lite is our most popular collection for people with total hair loss.


We want to help you get a better idea about what the Gripper Lite is really like to wear over the course of time, so we’ve asked one of our real-life customers, Sally, to share her experience. She has been wearing a Gripper Lite for five years. As the name behind Follea wigs, Daniel Alain is passionate about making natural-looking hair loss solutions, but we also recognize the importance of unbiased information that can help anyone looking for a wig to make the right decision for them.


In this review, we’re going to break down the Gripper Lite into advantages and disadvantages and take you through a true, honest account of what Sally likes and dislikes about this wig. We hope that reading Sally’s experience will help you decide if the Gripper Lite is right for you.





Sally, a personal trainer from Denver, Colorado, was diagnosed with alopecia in her 20’s. And in the beginning, her hair loss was manageable and under control. “I lost a few spots of hair but my dermatologist would give me cortisone shots and the hair always grew right back,” she explains. 


As she entered her 40’s however, she started to notice more extensive pattern loss and it became increasingly difficult to manage. “After spending many decades enjoying my natural hair, I started losing hair around my hormonal band on the top of my head,” Sally recalls. “It got harder and harder to cover.”




Eventually, total hair loss drove Sally to consider a human hair wig. But with a very active job and lifestyle, she knew she required a wig that would stay in place throughout all her physical activities. “I love to golf. I play a little tennis. I love hiking and biking. Anything outdoors,”  she explains. 




Sally was introduced to the Gripper Lite by a certified Daniel Alain retail partner, and it proved to be just the thing she needed to restore her confidence and make her look and feel more like herself. Sally made an appointment for a consultation with a certified Daniel Alain retail partner. “I had a great consultation with a stylist who steered me towards a Gripper Lite,” she remembers. “It was really what I was looking for. I wanted something that looked very natural, and that would be secure on my head under many circumstances.”







Wig security

Given Sally’s active lifestyle, she knew whatever wig she wore needed to work as hard as she did. In order to test the security of the Gripper Lite at her very first consultation, she put it on and immediately shook her head upside down. “I remember when the consultants first put it on my head. I thought there was no way I could turn my head upside down and it would stay on,” she says. “But she fitted it perfectly on my scalp, and sure enough, I went ahead and flipped over in the chair. It stayed right on.”




A perfect fit is the key to ensuring maximum security. We recommend working with a consultant who can take measurements and determine your correct size before you purchase a human hair wig.

Natural look

The second advantage, according to Sally, is the Gripper Lite’s natural look. Anyone who wears a wig seeks the most natural look possible, and the color of her Gripper Lite in color Mocha Latte instantly drew her attention. “I really wanted something that looked completely natural,” Sally explains. “There’s a little bit of a root line and it looks like my natural hair has grown out a bit.”


Another benefit for Sally is the long lifespan of the Gripper Lite. At Daniel Alain, we usually tell our customers that their piece (regardless of collection) is likely to last 2 - 4 years with proper care and maintenance, and often even longer. Sally obviously takes great care of her Gripper Lite and says, “I’ve had this piece for five years and I have to say, it looks just as good as the first day I got it.”





We promised you an unbiased review, so of course we’re going to share Sally’s disadvantages of the Gripper Lite. One main problem is the heat. The Gripper Lite features a silicone perimeter that’s designed to adhere to the scalp. While effective and does away with the need to wig tape or glue, the silicone material isn’t breathable. “I’m over 50 years old now and naturally produce a lot of body heat. The silicone tends to hold heat in and when the temperature and humidity are high, it can become uncomfortable.” Sally’s tips for dealing with the heat? “Get on