Release time:2023-09-14 08:50

Did you know that many insurance companies will pay towards a wig purchase? Insurance companies can cover the cost of your human hair wig either fully or partially depending on your policy, if you are wearing a wig for medical reasons and experiencing medical hair lossClick here or  follow these steps to see how you may be eligible to be reimbursed on your next human hair wig by going through your insurance.


Diagnosis Be sure to visit your doctor if you are experiencing any form of medical hair loss.  Make sure to receive a diagnosis from your doctor for a medical condition that causes your medical hair loss. 

Insurance  Many medical insurance plans will cover partially or in full for your next human hair wig even if it is not listed on your policy of benefits. It is important to call your insurance provider for pre-approval before purchasing your next wig online so you will be clear on your coverage. Make sure you call a wig by the official medical term which is cranial prosthesis. The term “wig” is viewed as cosmetic so it is very important to use the medical term when inquiring about coverage. It is important to understand the percentage they cover and your out of pocket requirements before purchasing.

Prescription Make sure your doctor writes you a prescription for a cranial prosthesis.  When the wig is purchased it is important for the invoice to list the wig as a cranial prosthesis with the proper medical code. The invoice should be submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Advice It is important to work with a reputable wig company that is experienced in wigs for medical hair loss. Milano is listed as top-rated player in the medical wig market and is in the forefront of providing hair solutions for women experiencing all different forms of medical hair loss. Milano’s  innovative wig cap designs and secure method allow the perfect solutions. To contact Milano please email sales@mcwigs or call (562) 426-2971 to speak to a dedicated sales representative that can assist you in all the options Milano has to offer.