The Most Comprehensive Wig Q&A! All Your Wig Questions Answered Here!

Release time:2023-09-07 16:40

The Most Comprehensive Wig Q&A! All Your Wig Questions Answered Here!

How long can a wig be worn?

Some sellers claim a wig can be worn for 3-5 years, while others say around 1-2 years. So which claim is true? If worn daily without rotating wigs, generally the best human hair wigs can last around 2 years. Over time, nutrients in the hair are depleted, causing the hair to become dry like straw. Wearing the same wig for 3+ years is possible but the brittle dry hair will affect the wearing experience. An unused new wig remains new after 3-5 years, so for occasional wearers, less frequent use equals longer lifespan.

How to care for wigs daily?

Never ball up and toss wigs around, as this causes tangled knots that ruin the style. After removal, use a comb to detangle the wig and place it on a wig stand. This prevents knotting and saves styling time for next wear. If not wearing often, roll up neatly along the hair direction after washing and store in a bag to prevent dust.

With so many wig types, why custom order?

Despite wig variety, it’s hard to find ones suiting individual needs, especially those requiring wigs for flaws. Ready-made sizes and styles rarely fit, so custom wigs based on bald area, hair density, length and color provide an optimal match. For temporary wear, synthetic wigs may suffice.

Can wigs be washed with regular shampoo?

Human hair wigs can be cared for like your own hair. No need for special shampoos - regular ones used for your hair are fine. Conditioners can be used too. Treat it like your own hair - wash and blow dry.

Is human hair the best wig type?

Human hair has grades from low to high end: frizzy hair, cut hair, smooth frizzy hair, smooth cut hair, smooth braided hair.

What are wig base types?

Lace bases, PU bases, MONO bases, fishing line bases.

In summary, this Q&A covers key questions on wig lifespan, daily care, custom orders, washing, hair types and base materials - providing helpful wig knowledge! Let me know if you have any other wig questions.