Best White Hair Treatment At Age 14

Release time:2023-07-05 10:52

Mayn’t arise white hair and hair treatment at age 14? It may happen that there are white hair early and being asked, “Mommy can I color the hair that are white and friends tease me?”. Many mothers in the world live a similar situation because their children are suffering from premature hair treatment discoloration which is a source of serious psychological distress especially for the son or daughter, and secondly for parents.

Best White Hair Treatment At Age 14

Hairs are formed by proteins and grow out from the follicles that reside beneath the surface of the skin that is modified for this purpose. Usually after the age of 40 years the amount of melanin of hair is reduced and is more frequent begin to have white hair treatment, but in some individuals this process begins to occur with hair treatment.


Prior around 30 years, and in these cases we speak of “premature appearance of white or gray hair treatment.” This event may also occur in children and as a main consequence is inheritance and therefore of personal genetic makeup and in these cases it is not uncommon that even the father or grandfather of the child have experienced a premature graying of hair treatment. Hereditary factors can not be changed and not be alarmed of the thing, the more so if in the same families there are other similar cases.

Another important cause is represented by nutritional problems characterized by deficits, particularly of vitamins minerals proteins, this problem on which we can intervene and often solved with the help of your doctor.

Blocking the production of melanin in the hair, melanocytes, can affect individual hair or clumps of hair that are located in the same area, in which case it is likely that the problem is due to the malfunction of a group of follicles defective . However, if the gray coloration is extended to say that there is a defect in the overall production of melanin.

The health of the hair is determined by two important nutrients:

Vitamin B12 is part of the B complex group of vitamins that are essential for many body functions. The vitamin deficiency in children can be part of a broader picture of eating disorders due both to the lack of intake of foods considered of taste is not pleasant either ignorance of parents regarding the type and amount of food necessary for normal growth of the child.

It is not rare to see that some children often exceed in carbohydrate-rich foods, such as cookies, candies and chocolate without the parents intervene to correct this feeding behavior. The vitamin B12 deficiency remains today is the most frequent cause of premature appearance of gray hair in children.

The iron required by our red blood cells to carry oxygen in the blood is used to prevent the onset of anemia and also indirectly to provide the necessary nutrients for normal melanocytes.

Another very important factor in the child that helps to preserve a good health of hair is the type of shampoo used since some products are too aggressive, i.e. containing an excessive amount of chemical products, are usually suitable for the rest of the body but not for the washing hair which ultimately remain so damaged for a long time. It will be necessary therefore to use shampoo that possibly the most delicate and contain vitamins and minerals.

There are other causes of the child’s early color white / gray hair:

Thyroid disease may restrict the flow of blood to melanocytes and provide in this case to these cells a lower contribution of both oxygen and nutrients.

The veiling is a skin disease that causes blockage of melanin production throughout the body to which the skin is discolored patchy and therefore the interest of the hair in this condition never occurs isolated but rather as part of a generalized disease.

The presence of atmospheric polluting substances or the use of contaminated water used for washing the hair treatment are difficult to detect and often held, wrongly, in low esteem.


As said, the problem of gray hair of the child can be, if not completely at least in part , reduce identifying the cause that has provoked first taking care to adopt a proper diet in which there is a sufficient supply of :

Vitamin A, contained in fruits and vegetables.

B vitamins which are rich in cereals, bananas, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and yogurt, as well as to regulate the secretion of sebum and make your hair healthier and more hydrated.

Minerals that promote hair health, such as zinc content in the chicken in red foods and green vegetables, iron that is found in beef, eggs, wheat and sunflower seeds, and finally the copper of which are rich in fish, egg yolk and whole grains.

The proteins, especially of cereals, soy and meat.

Home remedies and treatment of white hair:

The curry leaves are the best home treatment for gray hair and boil them with a little oil until they become black, they are left to cool and then apply on the scalp overnight.

Eating yogurt daily with a table spoon of yeast.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Alma (Indian gooseberry) is very nourishing for the hair, cut it into small pieces that are dried and then mixed with coconut oil, boil the mixture as it cools and apply on the scalp. It can also immerse the gooseberries in water overnight and use the water for washing the hair treatment. It is advisable also to massage the scalp with a mixture of 1 tablespoon of alma juice and 1 tablespoon of almond oil or lime juice.

To color the hair using henna powder (mehendi), a natural herb that also acts as a balm and gives the hair treatment a reddish- brown tint.

In conclusion, a child who has gray hair is suffering from serious psychological problems that disturb its social relations and everyday life and is in fact the child that you have to ask the maximum collaboration and convince him that with his help, the problem will be solved. Fortunately, the causes of the phenomenon are often identifiable and therefore it is possible to adopt solutions that allow you to disappear completely or mostly gray hair treatment.

First we must recognize the mistakes of the baby food, which can be a cause of the formation of white hair. The correction of the power failure is imperative and must be adopted together with the attentive care of the hair, which must be done without damaging your hair with very hot water, excessive rubbing or aggressive shampoo, along with the identification of any other contributing factors favoring the defect in coloring hair….