Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, And Indian Hair, What Are The Differences?

Release time:2023-08-30 15:27

Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and Peruvian Hair are very popular four textures. Whenever you buy human hair extensions, it invests considerable money and effort in them.

Thus, it becomes necessary to know the difference between them, which will also help you save more money and find the right product.

Unfortunately, analyzing the difference in hair types is a highly-debated issue as there isn't a single dedicated method to identify them.

So, how do you know the difference between them?

Here is the list of differences that you need to consider while choosing virgin hair weave.

  • 1Brazilian hair is straight or wavy, the course has high luster, and holds a curl well.

  • 2Malaysian hair is wavy, silky, very shiny, and holds a curl.

  • 3Indian hair is wavy/curly, soft has high luster, and holds a curl.

  • 4Peruvian hair can be straight, wavy, or curly, is silky has medium luster, and holds a curl.

Also, the data of the above-listed differences need to be collected initially before buying and compared with the results to use the hair extensions.