Top 6 Hair Care Tips On How To Care Natural Hair

Release time:2023-07-05 10:52

How to care for natural hair is already very popular and also most of the materials used can be easily we meet. The hair is a crown of a person is indeed need to be treated , even of hair, too, we can determine a person’s health.

Top 6 Hair Care Tips On How To Care For Natural Hair

As for now , especially women crave it healthy and shiny hair, a variety of ways although generally do not have to spend a little to do the treatment at a beauty salon. Well , for that we will be a variety of information on how the right way to treat the hair in a natural way.

Care For Natural Hair

How to Take Care of Natural Hair
Basically the hair damage that is usually caused by several kinds of factors , ranging from weather factors , habits , lifestyle and pollution is often times makes the hair look dull us into. However you do not worry , you can listen to how to care for natural hair like this.

Using natural oils

We can exploit both the natural oils from coconut oil, almond, olive and sunflower oil to treat hair branching and dry hair. In addition, the oil can also make our hair becomes softer. As for how the treatment after shampooing you can apply the natural oil, then wrap your hair for 15 minutes to further rinsed with clean water.

Using apple cider vinegar

The benefits of apple cider vinegar than it is able to make damaged hair becomes healthier and more refined. You can try it by mixing a spoonful of wheat germ oil with a small cup of apple vinegar. Then add water and apply to the hair after shampooing, then rinse using clean water.

Using mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is believed to enhance the hair’s natural oils and soften hair. To use it, first dry the hair with a towel, then apply the mayonnaise to the hair. Once the hair is wrapped with a shower cap and let stand for 20 minutes. If that’s enough, then rinsed by using herbal shampoo.

In addition to the above, there is also a way of taking care of natural hair you can do as below.

Always clean the hair

Hair should be cleaned at least once 2 days. The shampoo you use should contain vitamin E that hair is getting enough nutrition.

Avoid using a hair dryer

So use the blow dryer can damage the health of the hair. Therefore should be avoided.

Cutting the hair regularly

With hair cut on a regular basis, then when there could soon branched hair cut so that the hair can grow back to normal.

Meet the needs of hair vitamin B every day from the food we eat.