When Middle-Aged Women Perm Their Hair, Remember the "3 Perm, 3 No Perm" Rule for a Stylish Look that Enhances Facial Features and Adds a Touch of Elegance

Release time:2023-08-09 15:32

When Middle-Aged Women Perm Their Hair, Remember the "3 Perm, 3 No Perm" Rule for a Stylish Look that Enhances Facial Features and Adds a Touch of Elegance

After experiencing the vicissitudes of life, middle-aged women can radiate their true charm! If you find yourself in your 50s or 60s, don't feel anxious or inferior. Even though you may have lost the youthful glow, a change in hairstyle can instantly make you the center of attention.

Many people mistakenly believe that women lose their allure in middle age. However, this is the time to pursue perfection and revamp your look, starting with your hairstyle.

When middle-aged women perm their hair, they must remember the "3 Perm, 3 No Perm" rule. This not only elevates your temperament but also makes your face appear smaller, transforming you into a chic woman.

Middle-aged women, don't randomly perm your hair; follow the correct steps

Step 1: Remember the "3 Perm, 3 No Perm" Rule for Greater Beauty

① Perm the Crown of Your Head to Add Volume, Avoid Scalp-Pressed Perms

Do you know the secret behind creating the illusion of more hair volume for middle-aged women? It's not about the amount of hair you have or even the color; it's about achieving volume at the crown.

Perm the crown of your head to add volume and create a more youthful and elegant style. Avoid having hair tightly pressed to the scalp, as it can make you look older and balding.

② Perm Soft Waves, Avoid Dense Tight Curls

When perming your hair, focus on achieving the right curvature, especially for short curly styles. Exercise caution, particularly when opting for short curls, as overly tight curls can make you appear older and reveal your true age.

Choose a subtle curve for short hair, giving you a more natural and youthful appearance. Extremely dense tight curls can make you look outdated and immediately expose your actual age.

③ Opt for Subtle Hair Colors, Avoid Excessive Personalization

When choosing a suitable perm, consider the importance of hair color. If your hair color is excessively unique, it can come across as an attempt to look younger and create a jarring overall effect.

For middle-aged women, colors like brown and black are worth trying. These colors not only elevate your complexion but also complement your skin tone.

Step 2: Patience is Key When Perming Hair - Avoid Overly Curly or Straight Styles

① Overly Curled Styles Look Dated and Add Years

Whether dealing with hairstyles or any other aspect of life, moderation is key. This especially applies when selecting a hairstyle—avoid being too impulsive.

Even if you like bouncy curls, stay away from very tight curls. Coupled with a thick, heavy bang, this combination can instantly make you appear 20 years older.

② Straight Hair Can Appear Dull and Highlight Head Shape Issues

Many people think that straight hair makes them look younger, but that's not always the case. Extremely straight hair can appear dull and give a conventional look. While straight hair may have worked when you were young, a curly style is more elegant in middle age. However, choose the curl size carefully; don't go too curly or too straight.

Youthful and Stylish Perm Recommendations Tailored Just for You

NO.1 Japanese-Style Subtly Curled Short Hair

Those familiar with Japanese fashion magazines know that Japanese women put considerable thought into their hairstyles. Regardless of the curl type, Japanese hairstyles always appear clean, fresh, and layered.

Even with similar length hair, subtly curled short hair can create layers through different curl sizes. When combined with a center or side part, revealing your forehead, it's like you've unlocked an instant style upgrade!

NO.2 Ear-Length Short Curly Hair

For women with shorter necks and prominent jawlines, ear-length short curly hair is a must-try, regardless of your age.

Leave some thickness on top and curl the ends slightly to enhance facial proportions. Adding delicate drop earrings complements the look, making your face appear smaller.

NO.3 Collarbone-Length Outward Flipped Curls

If you're looking for a more versatile hairstyle that exudes elegance and offers various styling possibilities, collarbone-length hair is a great choice. This mid-length style can be transformed into various looks.

The outward flipped collarbone-length curls are perfect for middle-aged women. The gentle curve without excessive volume adds a playful touch through the "S" shape design at the ends.

NO.4 3:7 Parted and Neck-Length Perm

This style was a sensation online and was popularized by a character in the TV series "Furious Speed." The neck-length tight curls, combined with a 3:7 parting, exude a Hong Kong-style charm.

With a touch of Hong Kong-style sophistication, this style works well with various fashion choices.