3 "Neglected" Shampoos in Supermarkets: Have You Tried Them Due to Low Commissions for Sales Assistants?

Release time:2023-08-08 08:27

3 "Neglected" Shampoos in Supermarkets: Have You Tried Them Due to Low Commissions for Sales Assistants?

Every time you visit a supermarket to buy shampoo, it can be quite a headache. Some well-known big-brand shampoos have piled up at home, but their effects are disappointing. Thus, the quest to find the right shampoo continues. For visually appealing individuals, apart from their charming looks, the volume and smoothness of their hair also contribute to their overall appearance, often comparable to that of celebrities.

In reality, even if hair lacks a certain level of hydration, it's not a major concern as long as there are no issues like dryness, greasiness, split ends, hair loss, or dandruff. However, meeting even this minimal requirement can be a challenge for many. High-end shampoos often turn out to be lackluster, akin to "a tasteless chicken rib," forcing us to tread carefully to avoid shampoo pitfalls.

Many people probably share the same annoyance. Despite spending money and purchasing shampoos based on sales assistant recommendations, hair problems persist. The impact on one's appearance can be substantial, leading to frustration. That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to personally test three shampoos from a selection of dozens, products often under-promoted by sales assistants due to their low commission rates. Let's take a look and see if you might have missed out on them:

Fenhua Shampoo

Fenhua shines as a local product. Beyond its remarkable ingredients, its affordability is unparalleled. It's often included in supermarket promotions but seldom receives proactive recommendations from sales assistants due to the lower commissions. Many people even express skepticism about its pricing, mistakenly opting for more expensive options.

In reality, Fenhua Shampoo follows the fine tradition of old-school domestic products, utilizing genuine ingredients in generous quantities. Its cleansing and repairing effects are commendable. Despite its somewhat plain appearance and the absence of celebrity endorsements, it remains overlooked. Yet, users have consistently given it high praise, especially for the quality of their hair.

This Fenhua Shampoo not only controls oil but also moisturizes. Its fresh scent and 820ml generous volume are available at an affordable price, surpassing many international shampoo brands. It's highly recommended for everyone to give it a try.

ADOLPH Silicone-Free Shampoo

While this shampoo's price can be relatively high when not on promotion, during sales, it comes with lower commissions, causing it to easily go unnoticed by those unfamiliar with it. The silicone-free formula, however, offers an array of benefits. Regular use can help create a conducive environment for hair growth, regulate oiliness, moisturize, and address dandruff issues effectively.

Beyond its appearance and price, this shampoo shines in both cleansing and nourishing aspects. For individuals facing dryness, frizziness, greasiness, dandruff, itching, and other hair issues, consistent use for around two weeks can lead to visible improvements. Its naturally derived plant extracts make it gentler on the scalp.

Moreover, it's safe, free from additives, suitable for the whole family, including those with sensitive skin. Its soft and abundant foam easily absorbs dirt and grease without causing scalp damage. This shampoo significantly improves hair's freshness and smoothness, making it a treasure worth seeking.

Hanfang Five-Grain Amino Acid Sea Salt Anti-Mite Shampoo

This shampoo is easily overlooked when not specifically sought out. Users have noticed not only improvements in hair quality but also a lingering pleasant floral scent. Apart from its cleansing abilities, it also fights acne and itching. Its renowned anti-mite and oil-controlling properties make it quite popular in the industry.

The formulation contains various amino acids that not only cleanse but also nourish the hair, resulting in a healthier environment for hair growth. Continuous use can lead to significant improvements for individuals facing greasy, flat hair, dandruff, and scalp acne.

Beyond amino acids, it also contains fruit acids and salicylic acid, effectively removing dandruff and balancing oil. Additionally, the addition of sea salt for anti-mite and anti-acne properties invigorates the scalp, reduces hair loss, and addresses other hair-related issues.

In conclusion, achieving voluminous and smooth hair requires dedicated attention to your choice of shampoo. After all, a healthy scalp environment is crucial for high-quality hair. While these three shampoos may not boast exceptional appearances, their effectiveness has led many users to repurchase and offer high ratings. If you're struggling to find a mild, scalp-friendly shampoo, give them a try. Based on personal experience, they are effective and affordable choices that you can confidently embrace.