Women's Top 4 Hair Care Secrets

Release time:2023-08-01 17:26

Women's Top 4 Hair Care Secrets

Using Natural Conditioners

Beer - Smoother Hair

Beer is brewed without oxygen and contains carbonic and acetic acids with a pH of 4.4-4.6. This weak acidity closes cuticles for smooth hair. As a natural grain ferment, beer also provides nourishing nutrients.

Use beer diluted no more than 1:2 with warm water. Soak hair 5-10 minutes, massaging to fully interact with beer and cleanse.

Vinegar - Shiner Hair

Similar to beer, vinegar's weak acidity also closes cuticles for sleek hair. Made by fermenting grains, vinegar contains ample nutrition.

After shampooing, add 3 capfuls of rice or apple cider vinegar into warm water. Soak hair 10 minutes, rinse, then air dry for smooth, minimized shedding.

Ginger Juice - Hair Growth

Ginger stimulates growth. Add ginger slices when boiling water for rinsing after shampooing. Or mix ginger juice into shampoo. Don't add too much at once.

Baking Soda - Degreasing

Baking soda is a mild alkaline that dissolves oil. Some overseas use it instead of shampoo. Mix 25g baking soda per 500ml water. Add soda last at under 50°C to avoid decomposition.

Lemon Juice - Shine and Softness

Lemon juice's pH of 3 is similar to conditioners. Its vitamins also stimulate circulation and growth. After shampooing, soak hair 1-3 minutes in lemon water then rinse.

Moisturizing Sprays

Dry winter hair risks breakage. Spray roots and massage daily. After each wash, apply leave-in sprays before half drying.

Scalp Hygiene

Dry winter needs proper scalp cleaning. Limit washing to 2-3 times per week. Blow dry immediately as dampness makes hair fragile.


Long hair rubbing on clothes causes static electricity. Tie hair back. Avoid plastic/metal combs. Wood/horn are better.

Massage the scalp to improve circulation for healthier, static-free hair.

In summary, natural solutions like beer, vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and proper routines like scalp massages, limited washing and moisturizing all help ensure smooth, shiny, healthy hair.